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CRM Service

Add customer own fields in case of Equipment replication

In the CRM Standard the following data is exchanged between both systems:

  • Description
  • Long texts
  • Hierarchy
  • Business partners
  • Address
  • Status (leading system is the ECC System)
  • Variant configuration
  • Manufacturer
  • ERP identification (such as equipment number)

Sometime it's desired to have customer own field (Z-Fields) in the replication from ECC System to the CRM. These document adress the replication of customer own  fields of equipment from ECC to CRM.

  • On ECC side the table  EQUI  needs to be enhanced with the required customer fields.


  • Enhance the BAPI_EQUI1 structure with customer fields on ECC & CRM side


  • Make a copy of standard FM SAMPLE_CUST_EXIT_CRM0_200 on ECC side and make the changes to add the data to the customer fields.

          Sample Code

            FIELD-SYMBOLS: <bapidata>   TYPE bapimtcs.

            FIELD-SYMBOLS: <fs_bapi_equi1>   TYPE bapi_equi1.

            CASE i_obj_name.
              WHEN 'EQUIPMENT'.

                       LOOP AT t_int_tables WHERE tabname = 'EQUI'.

                           READ TABLE t_bapistruct ASSIGNING <bapidata>
                                   WITH KEY  objkey = t_int_tables-objkey
                                                          tabname = 'BAPI_EQUI1'.

                                 IF sy-subrc = 0.
                                   ASSIGN <bapistruct>-data TO <fs_bapi_equi1> CASTING.

                                       if <fs_bapi_equi1> is assigned.

                                            <fs_bapi_equi1>-zfield1 = 'value of z field1'.

                                            <fs_bapi_equi1>-zfield2 = 'value of z field2'.






  • Assign the customer functionmodul per process interface


           start the SAP-GUi Transaction FIBF

                  --> Setting->Process Module->Of a Customer


          add the custom function module created in step before for process CRM0_200.

      With these action the F.M. will be called before sending the data and the customer fields will be transfered to CRM along with the equipment.

  • On CRM side objects can be enhanced using set types,  create attributes and set types for the relevant customer fields on ECC side .

         Create Set type using COMM_ATTRSET on CRM side.Create Z fields as attributes under the set type.

  • Implement the CRM_EQUI_LOAD BADI.

                  use  the method  Enlarge_set_types to map the fields received from ECC via BDOC to set types in CRM

Example code (without warranty)

   DATA ls_cust_set TYPE comxif_pr_s_product_set.

   DATA ls_cust TYPE comxif_pr_product_set_cust.

   DATA lt_cust_settype TYPE comxif_pr_product_set_cust_t.

   DATA ls_product_s_admin  TYPE comxif_product_s_admin .

           ls_cust_set-settyp_id = 'ZSETTYPE'."ZSETTYPE is the set type name
           ls_product_s_admin-task = iv_update_task.
           ls_product_s_admin-logsys = iv_logical_system.
            ls_product_s_admin-upname = sy-uname.

            ls_cust_set-s_admin = ls_product_s_admin.
            ls_cust-attr_id = 'ZATTRIBUTE'."ZAATRIBUTE is the attribute in set type ZSETTYPE


ls_cust-value = is_equipment-<ZFIELD>."Zfield

            APPEND ls_cust TO lt_cust_settype.


            ls_cust_set-attributes = lt_cust_settype.
            APPEND ls_cust_set TO ct_customer_set.