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How to create Incidents on SAP Cloud for Customer/ SAP Business ByDesign/ SAP Cloud for Travel


When you are facing an issue on your SAP Cloud System the obvious thing to do is ask for SAP Support. However, this is not always the best procedure to follow.

Below, you can find some tips that may be useful in order to avoid creating an incident and speed things up:

- Check the Help Documentation on Help Center. Help Center is a source of many guides on how to do this or that;

- Check the Forum on The forum is also a source of many documents, the difference is that on the forum you find documents from development engineers, support engineers and from SAP Partners/ Customers;

- When opening  incidents you have the option 'Search for Solution' and after the incident creation the option of "Solution Search". These two are very helpful ways of finding the solution to your issue as well;

- Check the issue with your Implementation Partner or SAP Contact. Usually, how-to incidents are easily avoided by checking it with your Partner.

If nothing from above helps, an incident is probably necessary.

To open and incident you follow these steps:

- Click on Help Center on the right toolbar of the system;

- Report Incident.

Now, some tips to make your incident easily understood by SAP Support, making the whole 'reaching a solution' process easier:

- If the issue is an exception (dump), it is highly advisable to open the incident from the "Report an Incident" option on the excpetion window. This way, Support System gathers a lot of information about the dump in way that it is much easier and faster to solve;

- Open the incident from the screen where the issue is happening. Same as above, Support System gets extremely helpful information for both support and development engineers;

- Screenshots of the issue. "A picture is worth a thousand words" ;

- The exact steps you took to reproduce the issue. In which workcenter? Which view? Which field did you populate? Which button did you click? Check;

- If your issue is related to any customization made on Cloud Application Studio, please provide the Solution name (Y1234ABC_) and also the area of effect of this solution as well as what it does.

- Is this reproducible every time following the steps you have provided, or is the issue intermittent?  If intermittent, please inform whether you have noticed any patterns that may be helpful in reproducing the issue.

- Does this issue occur for every instance of this business object, or only specific business objects?  If only specific business objects, please identify as many as possible.

- Does this issue occur for every user, or only certain users?  If only certain users, please identify as many affected users as possible and their business role assignments.

- Which browser (and version) is used?  Does this issue occur with other browsers or versions?

- If it involves an apps or add-ins, please provide the version used.

- What troubleshooting have you done already?

- Contact information so Support can reach you (especially for Very High Priority Incidents). Sometimes, having all this information may not be enough to have a complete understanding of the scenario or expectation customer has. Having a way to contact customer faster than the incident process, may buy us precious time;

- Provide your feedback! Once a Solution is Proposed, customer receives a link to SAP Support Feedback Survey, if you the solution sent meets your expectation, please answer it. This is a great tool to help support understand customer expectations better, as well as a great way of incentive to keep the good work;

Now you know how to create incident, please check further information about it on:

Incident Handling:

Thanks and regards,

Felipe Fraga