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Adapt if not correct or Open an Incident - Error message


When you are implementing your Cloud for Customer System, it is very common to be faced with the error message:

"... Marked as Application. Adapt if not correct or open an incident"

This error message is shown because the User has the Partner Development Workcenter assigned. Technical ID: PDI_PARTNER_DEVELOPMENT .

It is highly advisable to avoid having this Workcenter assigned to regular End Users. The User who is responsible for the PDI should have two users in case needed.

This is to avoid inconsistencies in the system. The PDI user is not able to do many regular tasks that End Users do.

Credits to @Fernando Fuhr for his Case Document: 1819969 - You Receive an Error Message when You Edit an Account:
Marked as Application. Adapt if Not Correct or Open an Incident

Thanks and regards,

Felipe Fraga

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