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Goods Return / Return to Supplier scenarios.

There are some cases where we need to return some goods to our suppliers however we are not sure how exactly we can do this on the ByDesign System.

This document intends to clarify how this scenario works and clarify common issues related to it.


1) Goods Return

2) Return To Supplier

3) References

4) Common Issues / Case Documents

1) Goods Return

This scenario starts with the creation of a purchase order with Non-Stock/Service Items.

Since these items are not bought to be added to your inventory, you receive them by using goods and service receipts (GSR) instead of inbound deliveries.

Once you submit the purchase order, you will find it under the Goods and Service Receipts to be received. Later you can then create a supplier invoice.

Now, in case you have any defective product which you need to return to your supplier you need to create a Goods Return.

You do this in the Goods and Service Receipts work center by selecting the receipt you want to “revert” and clicking on New Goods Return.

Once you return the products you can create a new receipt for the products.

The purchase order will be once again not delivered (or partially delivered in case you did not return all items).

You can also create a credit memo under the Supplier Invoicing Work Center.

You will find the return under the view Invoice Entry -> All Returns to Be Invoiced filter.

This scenario can be summarized as following:

Purchase Order -> Goods and Service Receipt -> Goods Return -> Invoice/Credit Memo

2) Return to Supplier

This is the scenario you perform when you create a purchase order with To-Stock Items.

This items will be added to your inventory to later be sold to your customers.

Once the purchase order is submitted it will be available under the Inbound Logistics work center. After receiving the products you will be able to create the
supplier invoice.

In order to return products on this scenario, you need to use the common task "New Return to Supplier", available under the Purchase and Requests Work Center and Inbould Logistics Work Center.

When accessing this common task, you will inform the system which inbound delivery you want to return.

This will trigger the creation of an outbound delivery request to remove the products from your stock, there is no “document” representing this decision. On this stage the return to supplier is the outbound delivery request.

To do this you will need to do a Post Goods Issue under the Outbound Logistics Work Center.

Only after releasing the outbound delivery that you will have the document “Return to Supplier” available under the Purchase Requests and Orders work

Under this view you will need to process the return to supplier, taking the following decision: Receive new products or Create a Credit Memo.

Depending of the decision you will then create a new inbound delivery (receiving new products) or you will create a credit memo.

You can choose both, receiving some products and having a credit memo for others.

Unfortunately there is no document where we can seel all the scenario on its document flow, however in a simple way, yhis scenario can be summarized as following:

Purchase Order -> Inbound Delivery -> Outbound Delivery -> Return to Supplier-> Inbound Delivery -> Supplier Invoice / Credit Memo

3) References

The following documentation can help to clarify more details about this scenario, specially the "Create" ones, which can be followed while testing the scenarios.

- Goods and Services Receipt and Goods Return Processing

- Create a Goods Return

- Return to Supplier Processing in Purchasing

- Return to Supplier Processing — Goods Return Shipping

- Create a New Return to Supplier

4) Common Issues / Case Documents

Following you can find some common issues and related case documents that can help to solve them.

1660541 - Goods Return can exceed to Goods Issue in the Consumption for Cost Center Screen

2132284 - Return to Supplier Document not Available for Credit Memo Creation

1960128 - How to Cancel a Supplier Return

1880634 - Cannot Create New Return to Supplier due to an error message: Delivered quantities have been completely returned or rejected.

1964123 - Return to Supplier Item not Fetched in New Credit Memo

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