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Handscanner App Update - Configuration

Supported Devices:
Microsoft® Windows® Mobile 6.1
     Intermec® CK3 and CN3
     Motorola® MC9090, MC55 and MC70 Enterprise Digital Assistant

Microsoft® Windows® Mobile 6.5
1) Make sure that the following Microsoft components are installed (from Microsoft homepage):
- NET Compact Framework 3.5
In order to re-install / upgrade the application:

1. Delete the folder \\Application Data\.data.ByD2Go on the device.

2. Re-boot the device (warm re-boot).

3. Install the corresponding installer as described in the next steps:

a. Download cab-file from Download Center view in the Application and User Management work center from ByDesign system. There select the ByDesign Mobile Execution for Intermec / ByDesign Mobile Execution for Motorola (depending on device) option, click Download and then save it to your computer.

b. Plug your device to your computer via USB. Copy the cab-file to your device. Open the file explorer on your device. Double-click on the cab-file to install the warehouse application.

c. Please make sure that the Internet connection is setup properly. Please note that SAP cannot support the customer in setting up the WLAN infrastructure.

d. Start the UI Player (you find it under “Start -> Mobile Execution“).
Configure system details in the UI Player logon screen (“Settings“). In the form This is the same URL as you are using for your desktop system. Decide if you want to display the barcode field in each screen or not by checking the checkbox “Hide barcode”.

e. Enter user and password to logon and press Logon button. If the application is started the first time, all screens are downloaded to the device, this may take a while (“caching”), but helps to improve the performance during operative work with the device.
Enter the site and choose device type in the “Settings” menu. Check if the application was updated:

Start the application in your device.
Click Settings. On the top of this screen you can see the current version installed.


If after performing the above steps you face any issues, you can Report an incident, with the following information:

a. Detailed version information of your device. (Name & Version)

b. Detailed version information of your device.

c. Reproduce the steps till you receive the error message and send us the logs as in below path.
\\Application Data\.data.ByD2Go

d. Error message details.

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