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Guide: How to configure workflow rules to update business fields or trigger business action

The following guide provides information on how to create a workflow rule which could update business fields or trigger business actions. This feature allows admin users (key users) to configure (no code involved) workflow.

In this example i have picked a use case , when a customer sends a mail regarding a  "Recall", would set the priority of the ticket to "Urgent" [ Or escalate the Ticket ].

1) Navigate to workflow rules

2) Create a new workflow rule or edit one

3) Choose which business object, timing ( on Create on on Save ), and description to identify the rule.

4) Define the conditions on which the workflow should get triggered. Here i have given an example where the source of the ticket is email, and has a subject "Recall".

5) Selects the fields that are required for update.

6) Or select the Actions that are required to be triggered

7) Review the rules and Activate the Rules.

8) Result of sending an email with subject Recall.

If a customer sends a email with the message Recall, the priority would be sent to Urgent.

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