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Looking back (for a change): BI 2015 in Vegas


What a week it was! 

We launched SAP Predictive Analytics 2.0 during the SAP Insider keynote by Quentin Clark (Picture attached). You can watch keynote and the reference to SAP Predictive Analytics demo at 47:39 mark:

The analysts and press were very impressed with the execution on the roadmap to integrate the SAP Predictive Analysis and InfiniteInsight technology from KXEN into one interface with two component (Expert and Automated).

The predictive sessions were very well attended and a special Kudos to Ken Wong of the Irvine Company for a highly compelling story of how he has deployed and used SAP Predictive Analysis at The Irvine Company. It’s always great to hear how our customers are using and deploying the technology we build. 

The Analyst reviews were very positive and we had several sessions with leading analysts explaining our positioning. My to-do list got longer with their list of suggestions, but we’re so thrilled with all the feedback that we can reflect on.

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