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SAP Cloud for Customer add-ins

Central Document - Cloud for Customer


This document has the intention to provide basic guides as well as basic troubleshooting regarding the SAP Cloud for Customer system. It helps to speed up the incidents' solutions and helps customer to reach answers faster.


1- Incidents.

2- Guides.

3 - Common Issues.

4 - Cross Topics.

1- Incidents

Everything you need to know about incidents can be found at -

And at -

2- Guides

How to create Business Users in SAP Cloud for Customer (Service Agent) -

How to create Business Users in SAP Cloud for Customer (Employee) -

How to use certificates to logon to C4C system -

How to configure workflow rules to update business fields or trigger business action -

How to set fields as Mandatory on SAP Cloud for Customer:

How to Check Party Determinations on SAP Cloud for Customer -

How to Configure Single Sign-On (SSO) forĀ  SAP Cloud for Customer Using SAP Cloud Identity Service -

The Edit Layout Functionality -

3 -Common Issues

Adapt if not correct or Open an Incident - Error message -

Filtering documents by Country -

You are Unable to create Employees Since the New button is Disabled -

Generic Data Shown in Report -

Significance of Work Center "People" -

You cannot find any employees using the letter "@" inside the feed -

Ticket Header on the left instead of the top -

Images sent via Direct Message on Twitter - Social Media Cloud for Customer -

4 -Cross Topics

Central Document for Analytics Troubleshooting -

Basic Troubleshooting - Infrastructure -

C4C - Outlook Integration Flow -

SAP C4C Integration: Achieving BP Replication with Account ID equal to Customer ID in SAP ECC -

*Please note that this is an ongoing work, in case you any documents that you think should be here as well, or any other suggestions please let me know!*

Thanks and regards,

Felipe Fraga