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Sybase ASE configuration for running Reposcan

This document emphasizes on Configuring Sybase with native client in DSN which is used by Reposcan tool for identifying the inconsistencies in the infoobjects with in the CMS repository.

When Sybase is configured with odbc connectivity, Reposcan command throws an error and hence it is recommended to use Sybase with native client in DSN for Reposcan run successfully.

We need to remember for Sybase Database,  use the native client instead of the ODBC connectivity. Install Sybase native client on the server machine and establish a connection to Sybase server using ‘Open Client Directory Service Editor’

The below are the steps to be followed 

  1. Launch ‘Open Client Directory Service Editor’ from Sybase Client
  2. Select a Directory Service(DS Name) – Interfaces Driver and click on OK
  3. From Menu, choose ‘Server Object’ and click on ‘Add’
  4. Now, Input the Server name in the window available and click on OK
  5. You can see the Server and the attributes associated on the right
  6. Right click on the ‘Server Address’ and choose ‘Network Address Attribute’ and click on ‘Add’ to add the Protocol Network Address
  7. In the ‘Input Network Address for Protocol ’window, select Protocol as ‘TCP’ and give Network Address with the ‘Server Name, port’ and click on OK for ‘Input Network Address for Protocol’ and Ok for ‘Network Address Attribute’
  8. Now, you should see the Values for ‘Server Address’ attribute
  9. Right click on ‘Server Address’ and choose ‘ping server’ and select a Server address and ping and check the connectivity
  10. Once ping is succeed, you can use the same ‘Server Name’ as DSN in the reposcan command

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