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Overview of SAP HANA Deployment Options


SAP HANA Deplyoment Options

There are 5 dimensions of deployment options which can nearly independently be selected for a customer implementation:

SAP HANA in Data Centers

Introduction - SAP HANA in Data Centers - Get an overview of all operations-related topics like Installation & Update, Backup & Recovery , High Availability, etc.

SAP HANA Certified Hardware

Find SAP HANA Appliances as well as certified Enterprise Storage and Entry Level System listing: Certified SAP HANA Hardware Directory

SAP HANA certified IaaS Platforms

Get an overview of IaaS platforms to run SAP HANA on 3rd party IaaS platforms SAP HANA in the Cloud or  SAP HANA Cloud in the Cloud | SCN

SAP HANA virtualized - Overview

Find out about certified hypervisors for SAP HANA: SAP HANA virtualized - Overview

SAP HANA Tailored Datacenter Integration

Tailored Data Center Integration came in phases - SAP HANA TDI - Overview | SCN:

  1. Storage SAP HANA TDI - Storage Requirements
  2. Network SAP HANA TDI - Network Requirements | SCN
  3. Intel E5 Entry Level Systems

SAP HANA in HANA Cloud Platform

Start developing on HCP, SAP's comprehensive Platform-as-a-Service HANA Cloud Platform

SAP HANA in HANA Enterprise Cloud

SAP's Private Managed Cloud is a secure, enterprise-grade Cloud for mission-critical applications with subscription-based pricing: SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud


Virtualization of NetWeaver

Virtualization and Cloud Infrastructure