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SAP Data Services

The new Bypass feature explained


One of the enhancements introduced in SAP Data Services 4.2 SP3 is the possibility to bypass the execution of specific work flows or data flows in a job. I am using it a lot , saves me the hassle of having to define conditionals while developing my jobs.

The feature is fully documented in chapter 17.7 Bypassing specific work flows and data flows of the SAP Data Services Designer Guide. Unfortunately, the guide lacks a simple example with screenshots. Here it is.

The Bypass functionality is defined as a property of data flows and work flows. It is set using a substitution parameter. In DS Designer, right-click on a data flow or a work flow icon and select the Bypass… option in the pop-up menu. You basically have 2 options, now:

1/. No Bypass, the default:

2/. The value of a substitution parameter, select it from the dropdown list:

Make sure it is set to YES and your flow won't be executed next time you run your job:

Any other value for the parameter will revert to the default behaviour, no bypass.