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Press Release: Space-Time Insight’s Asset Intelligence Solution Certified as Powered by SAP HANA®


Today, March 4th, 2015 the following press release about Space-Time Insight’s Asset Intelligence Solution Certified as Powered by SAP HANA

came out. Take a few minutes to read through and get to know why it's so beneficial to work together with partners like Space-Time Insight:

Space‐Time Insight, the leading provider of situational intelligence solutions, today announced that its breakthrough Asset Intelligence solution version 2.0H has achieved SAP certification as powered by the SAP HANA® platform.  Asset Intelligence, which uniquely analyzes and visualizes asset condition, risk and performance, spatially, temporally, and across networks, has been proven to run on SAP HANA and leverage its scalability and in-memory performance benefits.

Asset Intelligence comprehensively assesses the risk of asset failure and under-performance using advanced planning and remediation techniques to drive strategic, financial and operational initiatives.  The solution has been deployed at some of the largest utilities in North America.  In cooperation with the SAP HANA Partner Engineering team, it has been enhanced to support the native analytical capabilities of SAP HANA. Now it can analyze asset and other related data at least 10 times faster than before, providing greater performance to enterprises.

“Working with SAP has allowed us to develop and offer our customers a unique solution for analysis of big data,” said Rob Schilling, CEO of Space-Time Insight.  “By using the native capabilities of SAP HANA, our applications can help utilities and other asset-intensive organizations further extend the value of their investments in SAP solutions and make even faster and more-informed business decisions.”

The SAP® Integration and Certification Center (SAP ICC) has certified that Asset Intelligence 2.0H is powered by SAP HANA. SAP HANA is revolutionizing the speed of data processing for reporting, analytics and computational tasks. Solutions that are powered by the SAP HANA platform have proven to run on SAP HANA and to tap into the distinctive capabilities of SAP HANA.

Asset Intelligence works in conjunction with popular asset management systems and correlates, analyzes and visualizes enterprise, operational and external data from across an organization.  With the new version of the application – completed in cooperation with SAP – it can now take advantage of built-in functionality of SAP HANA, including:

  •   In-memory data capabilities
  • Massively-parallel-processing engine
  • Columnar mathematics to run very large data, real-time aggregation and analytics
  • Data mining
  • Data manipulations and transformations

“Partners like Space-Time Insight are discovering the value and incredible power of running their applications on SAP HANA,” said Henry Bailey, global vice president, Utilities, SAP.  “Leveraging the significant speed and performance of the SAP HANA platform will benefit customers – specifically those in the utilities industry – helping them reduce IT and operational complexity while simplifying business processes across the organization.”

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