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SAP Business ByDesign

Basic Troubleshooting - Infrastructure


Below you can check some basic information when facing several issues inside your system. This is important to speed up the solution of incidents, and also to help us on support to handle these issues faster.


  1. Frontend / Oberon / UI
  2. Mobile
  3. Output / Printing
  4. Extension Fields / Mashups
  5. Microsoft Integration
  6. MacOS
  7. Performance Issues

1) Frontend / Oberon / UI

1.1 - When you experience any dumps on the system:

There is some basic information that always help support to tackle these faster:

- Please provide us the exact steps to reproduce the issue - you can refer to this document:

- Please also provide the screenshot(s) of your issue.


1.2 - Sometimes, simply try to clear your Silverlight cache.

This can solve many issues.

1) Click Windows "Start" button --> All Programs
2) Microsoft Silverlight
3) Tab "Application Storage"
4) Select the URL of your system
5) Click "Delete..." --> Yes --> Ok
6) Close the browser and reopen


1.3 - If you experience any "strange" behavior on your screen, this might have been caused by a corrupted personalization.

To try to correct this, you can go to Personalize --> This Screen --> Discard

Please notice that will erase ALL the changes done to this screen (columns resized, labels changed) but only for your user.


1.4 - Internet Explorer Settings:


1.5 - In order to avoid many issues

please always use the normal URL of your system, as per below example:

https://my****** OR https://my******

1.6 - Edit Layout Functionality

2) Mobile

Common Issues for Mobile Devices:

2.1 - Basic checks for Mobile issues:

- Device Model

- App version

- Clear your app cache


2.2 -  See if the same issue occurs on your normal URL browser system

If yes, please state that inside the incident

2.3 - Test using the mobile URLs:

iPhone / Android: &sapbyd-agent=mobile (e.g. https://my******

iPad: &sapbyd-agent=tab (e.g. https://my******

2.4 -  Please provide the log files,

And if possible the screenshot(s) showing the issue on device screen.


2.5 - Handscanner - Installation and Configuration

2.6 - Single Sign-On is currently not supported for Extended Apps. This will be supported on release 1602.

3) Output / Printing

3.1 - Common issues with Collaboration Window / Print manager


3.2 - Common issues with Output Management


3.3 - Sending emails from ByDesign - by Melvin Hidalgo


3.4 - When printing on A3 size, the system prints on A4

This is actually a problem with MS Silverlight, which only occurs with some printers.
There is nothing SAP can do to solve this.

As a workaround, you can use a virtual printer, for example, PDF printer.

Afterwards, please print this PDF file to your local printer.

4) Extension Fields / Mashups

4.1 - Common Issues regarding Mashups


4.2 - Common Issues - Extension Fields

5) Microsoft Integration

5.1 - When filling a template and uploading to system, sometimes you might face an error 500.

When having this, please double check the data entered on some fields. Usually, this is the cause here.

When not sure, support team can check on backend which is the incorrect data.

Please make sure that you are using the latest version of the Template downloaded from the system. Avoid saving the template locally and filling to upload later to the system.


5.2 - Common issues with Excel Add-In


5.3 - When you double click on CTI Adapter desktop icon on your local computer, it crashes and stops working.

The application is already running in the notification windows bar, therefore, if you try to open a second instance of the program it will crash

Check the windows toolbar, you should see a SAP icon.

This is the CTI Adapter already running. You can click the icon to Start / Stop the service


5.4 - Outlook / Lotus Notes common issues

6) MacOS

6.1 - What is not supported in MacOS:

MS Office Integration is not supported

MS Excel-based Reporting is not supported

Collaboration Scenarios based on Collaboration Window, including Telephony is not supported

Install Additional Software (Excel Add-In, Crystal Reports Add-In) is not supported.

Adobe LiveCycle Designer is not supported.

7) Performance Issues

7.1 - Basic network test:

2) Click "Diagnostic Tools"
3) Perform the two tests: Bandwidth Test and Latency Test
4) Send support this information


7.2 - How to perform a HTTPWatch trace for network test: