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Upgrade to SAP Mobile Secure


Thinking to upgrade from Afaria on-premise to SAP Mobile Secure?

SAP Mobile Secure Migration Path

Have you successfully completed your 30-day FREE trial of SAP Mobile Secure, leading cloud-based Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) software?  If the answer is yes, but are unsure how to approach upgrading from Afaria on-premise to cloud, we at SAP have the solutions that will fit your needs:

  • Simple Migration:  This approach makes it simple for your employees as it requires new enrollment to the cloud. For IT, avoids complex setup and integration.
    • Complete re-enrollment of mobile devices
    • Easy to configure access to Enterprise resources (AD, LDAP, CA, etc.)
    • Easy to configure compliance and application policies
    • Fastest to the cloud

  • Partial Migration: This approach will preserve your existing server and other configuration.
    • Retention of device profiles, device data, server settings, etc.
    • Requires device re-enrollment
    • Easy to implement

  • E2E Migration: This approach will help you stay fully in-compliance, if you are looking to retain your current on-premise configuration
    • Retention of device profiles, device data, server settings
    • No device re-enrollment required
    • RDS is recommended for this approach
    • Slow and steady to the cloud

Here are some considerations for an E2E migration to SAP Mobile Secure

By selecting an E2E approach, you will work with SAP to transition your on-premise solution to the cloud.  Below, please find high-level steps that will ensure a successful migration.

  • Apply latest service packs to on-premise system to target Service Pack level (currently SP5)
  • Convert database to cloud database format
  • Provision customer’s cloud instance
  • Import / integrate existing database using database encryption
  • Import APNS certificate (if required)
  • Redirect Relay Server URLs (if required)
  • Import customer SSL certificate
  • Setup Enterprise connectivity (e.g. AD, LDAP, CA, etc.)
  • Perform DNS transition
  • Perform testing/validation
  • Go-live

Review pre-requisites for transitioning to SAP Mobile Secure

If you are interested in migrating to SAP Mobile Secure, here are some considerations that will ensure a smooth transition to the cloud.

  • What is your current on-premise SAP Afaria version?
  • Are you using Session Manager?
  • What platform type are you supporting?
  • Are you using multi-tenant?
  • Are you using Employee Self-Service Portal?
  • Are you using the Relay Server?
  • Are you using the SAP Afaria API?
  • Will you import your organization’s SSL certificate to your SAP Mobile Secure instance?
  • Will you conduct DNS switch (pertaining to Mobile Secure)?
  • Will you establish secure connection from your DMZ to Mobile Secure?

Please review the latest documentation on SAP Mobile Secure on SAP Help Portal.

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