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SAP Mobile Secure Enablement


Find everything you need to learn SAP Mobile Secure

SAP Mobile Secure

Below, please find assets on SAP Mobile Secure:

SAP Mobile Secure How-To Guides

SAP Mobile Secure Device Enrollment

Android for Work

SAP Mobile Secure Enablement Videos

Getting started with Mobile App Management (12:52)

  • This video demonstrates the full mobile application lifecycle, including publishing a new mobile app, adding enhanced app protection, approving the app’s catalog listing and consumption by the end user.

Learn how to enroll an Android device (5:16)

  • Register an Android device into Mobile Place
  • Enroll an Android device into MDM as a managed user
  • Logon to Mobile Place to review the application catalog
  • Verify that the device is under MDM control

Learn how to enroll an iOS device (11:21)

  • This video describes the difference between managed and unmanaged users, demonstrates how an IT admin adds a new iOS user, and shows the end user experience when logging onto Mobile Place to view apps and enroll a device into MDM.

Mobile App Configuration Services (3:07)

  • This video provides an overview of the SAP Mobile Secure mobile app configuration service. This is a mobile app management (MAM) feature now available in SAP Mobile Secure that helps companies easily build, configure, wrap and deploy mobile apps. In this demo, an SAP Fiori app is deployed to a mobile device by passing the Fiori endpoint URL to the configuration service which packages the URL into the configuration of a SAP Fiori Client application, builds and signs the app and finally makes it available for deployment through Mobile Place.

Please review the latest documentation on SAP Mobile Secure on SAP Help Portal.

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