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BW (SAP Business Warehouse)

Query as datasouce (as InfoProvider) error message


You want to set your query as datasouce, however, when set the related settings in RSRT you'll see that the flag "Query is used as InfoProvider" is inactive and cannot be changed. Message text is S:RSRQPROV:055


In the following cases, it is not possible to activate a query as an InfoProvider:

- The query is input-ready (for BW-integrated planning).

- The query has input-ready required variables.

- The query contains non-cumulative key figures.

- Temporal hierarchy join is enabled.

- The query has more than one structure.

- The technical name of the query is more than 20 characters in length.

- The InfoProvider is a TransientProvider or an aggregation level.

Please check if your query fulfilled the requirements.

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