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SAP Mobile Secure Getting Started Guide


SAP Mobile Secure, a suite approach to EMM

SAP HANA Cloud Platform, mobile service for security (Formerly SAP Mobile Secure)

SAP’s comprehensive mobile management and security portfolio embraces mobile device diversity while safeguarding corporate information.

IT no longer needs to struggle with disparate point solutions. SAP HANA Cloud Platform, mobile service for security optimizes the mobile experience for users and protects the organization by sealing the vulnerable entry points: devices, apps, and content.


  • Simplify device security, configuration, and management with a portfolio of cloud-based solutions
  • Speed mobile adoption with rapid provisioning of infrastructure
  • Eliminate up-front investment in infrastructure
  • Enhance operational flexibility by scaling infrastructure to meet business demand in real time

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Get started

Go beyond securing and managing your company’s mobile devices, apps and content. The HCP mobile service for security is an integrated, cloud-based enterprise mobility management solution with superior user experiences for all. IT admins get up and running in minutes, even when establishing the most detailed device or app-level policies. End users delight in a consumer-grade solution that removes complexity, promotes collaboration and enables discovery.

Get started by watching this short Enterprise Managed Mobility video.

What is SAP Mobile Place?

SAP Mobile Place, a brandable, localizable and secure enterprise mobile app store that makes it easy for companies to get their apps into the hands of employees, business partners and consumers. This mobile app management (MAM) solution offers a superior experience for all users on both MDM-managed and unmanaged devices. In addition, Mobile Place is compatible with any MDM solution and is now included with SAP Mobile Secure.

For IT admins, it's the single destination to publish, manage and analyze mobile and desktop apps, content, and profiles. For end users, it's the place to easily discover and download relevant apps and set up related services such as network access, email, identity and more.

Watch the video to see how your employees can benefit from a central App Store for Enterprise and Consumer Apps.


SAP Help Portal offers latest documentation on SAP Mobile Secure.

Some of the topics that are feature on SAP Help Portal:

  • Release Notes
  • System Requirements
  • Using and Administering Mobile Place
  • Various Mobile Device Management guides
  • Using Mobile App Protection guides


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