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Steps to Reproduce an Issue


Occasionally SAP Support requests the full steps to reproduce an issue for further analysis of reported problems. This document describes the necessary

steps to get all this information.

Windows 7 offers a tool called Problem Steps Recorder that saves all the steps followed, attaching screenshots and system information.

1) Click on Windows Start button --> Run...

2) Enter psr --> Press OK

3) Click on the arrow next to the question mark --> Click "Settings"

4) Under "Number of recent screen captures to store: input value '100' --> Click "OK"

5) On the next screen, click Start Record

6) Reproduce your issue normally on the system

7) When finished, click on Stop Record

8) After this step, choose a file name and save it.

9) Please attach the same inside incident.

Please let me know if you have any questions regarding this tool.


Guilherme Rosario