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SAP Global Batch Traceability

Apply theme sap_corbu to SAP GBT UIs


The following help page describes possible configuration parameters you can set for SAP NWBC:

One of these parameters changes the default SAP theme to a theme called "sap_corbu". In addition to a modern look and the change of colors the rendering of NWBC for HTML is much faster. Below screenshots give you a first impression on the change in the case of SAP GBT.

If you want to try out how it would look like in your system, you can just add a parameter to the URL you are using to access your SAP GBT system. To do this, go to your browser's address bar and add the parameter "&sap-theme=sap_corbu" at the end of the address. Hit enter. The page refreshes and you should be able to see the GBT UI with the new theme.

If you want to permanently change the appearance you have to do the following setting: In table NWBC_CFG create a new entry where name = THEME_NAME and value = sap_corbu

Default theme:

SAP Corbu theme:

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