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SAP Solution Extensions for Mobility


  Following are the SAP Solution Extensions covering the Mobility domain.

The SAP Mobile App Protection solution by Mocana speeds mobile initiatives by helping eliminate security problems that bottleneck the development and deployment of enterprise applications. SAP Mobile App Protection “wraps” data protection and access-control features around an application – without any manual changes or coding. Enterprises gain robust security for their mobile apps in seconds.

Business Objectives:

  • Add security to enterprise apps without writing code
  • Enable BYOD environments with safe, secure communications
  • Speed application deployment and development
  • Meet industry compliance and auditing requirements, including HIPAA and PCI
  • Improve the user experience with mobile apps
  • Provide simple, secure, mobile access to enterprise applications

System Features:

  • Proven, robust application security automation
  • Application-level VPN and encryption security with FIPS 140-2 cryptography
  • Consistent, repeatable security controls that you can apply across all enterprise apps
  • User-friendly enterprise mobility with assisted passcode recovery and rapid authentication
  • Secures native and web-based apps through a secure enterprise browser
  • Wraps Fiori UX-based apps for a modern, secure user experience
  • When combined with Mocana Atlas, one-time set-up and 1-tap login for secure Fiori UX-based access to SAP Business Suite applications
  • End-to-end visibility – including device posture and location, app-usage behavior, session length, and device type
  • Available on-premise or in the Cloud

  Business and IT Benefits:

  • Secured apps and data across all managed and unmanaged devices
  • Secured native and web-based apps
  • Customized security that aligns with users, industry, and business requirements
  • Compliance with industry requirements
  • Decreased liability from exposure to corporate data breaches
  • Scaled for large, enterprise mobile deployments
  • Greater adoption of enterprise apps

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