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Condition maintenance for products

How to maintain condition/price for products?

Usually we have 2 ways to maintain condition for products:

(1) maintain the condition record directly in product overview page assignment block "Prices":
     (or in GUI tcode COMMPR01 tab "condition")

(2) maintain condition record using link "Prices":

(GUI tcode: /SAPCND/GCM)

What is the difference between the 2 ways?

If you create condition record in product overview page, the maintenance group used is PRODUCTCRM.

If you use the second way, you can choose other maintenance groups.

Why sometimes we can see the condition records for a product in condition table but cannot see it in product overview page?

This is because the condition records were not created for the condition types which are mapped to maintenance group PRODUCTCRM.

However, although if it cannot be seen in product overview, but it can be used in pricing determination without any problem.

If you want to see it in product overview page, please make sure the conditon type is added to maintenance group PRODUCTCRM.

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