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Top 10 viewed SAP Contact Center KBAs for October 2014


The purpose of this document is to provide a list of the top ten most viewed SAP Knowledge Base Articles for SAP Contact Center in the month of October 2014.


Below are the top 10 most viewed SAP KBAs for SAP Contact Center.
KBA NumberKBA Title
Online Reports - The restrictions imposed by the CONSTRAINED flag in the STRTOSET function were violated
7.4.0 Errors in Online Reporting VOLUME 1-6 (hourly, daily, etc) - Query execution failed for dataset "WDU_2005_OLAP"
Outbound call does not work because Gateway requires address in domain format
SAP CC - Agents cannot login to CDT - CHANNEL REJECTED "Opening connection"
19705017.0 / CRM - No CALL_DATA events being sent to CEM by CD (Call Dispatcher)
Queue Busy prompt not available for queue schedule
2022509SCC - ERR> Failed to update database - Conversion failed when converting date and/or time from
SCC- Reporting Data Transformation Process job fails when the SQL instance is not on the same physical host machine
WRN> CosAuthentication: No Server available for Authentication
SAP Contact Center and CRM are not synchronized with Ready Not Ready - Error logs showing HTTP status 407: Proxy Authentication Required

Please note, in order to view the contents of the SAP KBAs, you will need to be logged into Service Marketplace.

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