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Mobilizing SAP Fiori Slide Deck by @Marc Anderegg and Former Member

This slide deck on Mobilizing Fiori provides an introduction to the topic and covers SAP Fiori Client and the SAP Web IDE plugin: Hybrid Application Toolkit. It illustrates the options to run Fiori applications as mobile hybrid applications, run in the browser, run in the SAP Fiori Client or run as packaged mobile applications. Furthermore, it gives an overview of the Hybrid Application Toolkit aka HAT, including the SAP Companion app that is also available in the public app stores.

Mobilizing SAP Fiori:

See below link for information on how to mobilize SAP Fiori using SAP Fiori Client or SAP Fiori packaged apps.

Further information of Fiori Client will be available from the Fiori Client landing page.

To see the end-to-end scenario of Mobilizing Fiori and how SAP Web IDE and HAT fit into that story, we recommend to read the blog by Dhimant Patel

What is Hybrid Application Toolkit (HAT)?

  • Enables developers to develop and deploy Apache Cordova hybrid apps in SAP Web IDE
  • Part of SAP Web IDE as a plugin
  • HAT has 3 components
    • SAP Web IDE Plugin
    • Connector to local build environment (Cordova CLI)
    • Companion application

openSAP Course:

        This course is aimed at developers interested in creating mobile apps with mobile features such as push notifications, lifecycle management, application security, offline use, and much more. The course will demonstrate how to quickly build, extend, integrate, and mobilize SAP Fiori Apps. Although the course will focus on extending SAP Fiori apps into mobile apps, the techniques used can be applied to native apps for both Android and iOS.

Getting Started with Hybrid Application Toolkit


HAT online help

          go to Installing and Setting Up

  • The online help contains:
    • What's new in the latest release
    • Installing and setting up
    • Getting started
    • Testing
    • Delivering and deploying
    • Troubleshooting

Companion App:

How to Guides: