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W26PMR - SAP Retail Promotions Workshop


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DateLocationCourse languageRegistration viaPrice
October 18 - 20, 2016St. Ingbert - GermanyEnglishWeb form€ 1,530

Course Details

Course Length
  • 3 days
Target Audience:
  • SAP customers
  • SAP Partners
  • SAP employees
  • Recommended: Knowledge of Pricing and Promotions
Course Goals
  • Understand goals and benefits of SAP Promotion Management for Retail, main process steps and basic architecture.
  • Understand how to use imported master data and how to define local master data.
  • Define and manage templates in PMR and understand how to use them.
  • Understand how to plan a promotional event step by step from scheduling, assigning templates and offer content all the way to exporting event data to desktop publishing systems.
  • Create promotional offers including selection of products and promotional format, forecasting the results and evaluating the financials.
  • Understand the possibilities to record vendor funding
  • Understand configuration and administration tasks as well as the standard integration with other systems.
Course Content      Data Management
    • Product Management
    • Location Management
    • Product/Location Management
    • Transportation Lane Management
  • Template Management
    • Block Templates and Area Templates
  • Event and Campaign Planning
    • Creation and management of promotional events and campaigns
    • Partition definition and Template Assignment
  • Offer Planning
    • Selection of relevant master data and promotional fromat
    • Financial Planning
  • Forecast
    • Offer Simulation
  • Vendor Funding
    • Recording of financial support supplied by vendors
  • Offer Assignment & Export
    • Event Content Assignment & Financial Analysis
  • Analytics
    • Standard PMR reporting functionality and PMR related BI content
  • Integration
    • Standard integration of PMR with the SAP landscape
  • Configuration & Administration
    • IMG Settings
    • Administration Tasks
    • User Roles
Software Components
  • Platform: SAP NetWeaver 740, SP13 with component SAP_BS_FND 747 SP11
  • Retail Demand Data Foundation: RTLDDF 2.0 SP04
  • RTLCAR 2.0 SP03
  • Promotions Server: RTLPROMO 8.1 SP03
  • NetWeaver Business Client: >= NWBC v3.0
  • SAP ERP ECC 6.0, Basis 7.31 Sp8, EHP6 components, SP08
  • BW 7.02 SP06
  • BI-CONT 7.05
  • The focus of this workshop is providing early access to important information using early course material instead of using detailed course binders
  • The course material is available in English only
  • This workshop can also be offered in English or German (with English material) on demand at a local SAP subsidiary, at partner or customer site. For further information, please contact
    Christina Huber
    Phone: +49 6227 7 71493

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