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HANA One Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - IBM Cloud

HANA One Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - IBM


1.   What is SAP HANA One?

SAP HANA One is a single SAP HANA instance hosted on IBM Cloud. Customers and Partners can use SAP HANA One to provision a secured instance of SAP HANA database. This instance can be used to build and deploy on-demand applications that leverage SAP HANA's in-memory computing capabilities. Applications can then be consumed for productive use by end users.

2.  Do the customers have to purchase SAP HANA One License?

SAP HANA One is configured for a 1-year renewable license.

3.  What is the duration of the SAP HANA One license?

SAP HANA One is configured for a 1-year renewable license from the date it is available in IBM CLOUD Marketplace.

4.  Does SAP offer short-term licenses?

There are no long-term obligations involved; the subscription is hourly or monthly.

5.  How am I paying for my SAP HANA One instances?

All charges are billed by IBM Cloud, paid by credit card, and the use of the service is governed by IBM Cloud. Customers pay either a monthly charge or hourly rate for the SAP HANA One instance.

6. Can I take my SAP HANA One solution from the IBM CLOUD cloud to on-premise or another cloud later?

The license associated with the monthly / hourly SAP HANA usage is limited to IBM CLOUD only.  You can contact SAP Service to transition the cloud scenario to HANA on premise.

7. Can I download my SAP HANA One instance to run on my own environment?

  1. No. SAP HANA One instances can only be run on IBM Cloud. No downloads are permitted, with the exception of SAP HANA Studio and Client components.

9. Can I apply my on-premise SAP HANA software license for SAP HANA One on IBM CLOUD?

Not at this time.

9. If I start with SAP HANA One instances and then purchase on-premise software, do I get a credit?

  1. No. There are no credits for switching between deployment models.

10. How does this compare to the SAP HANA Developer Sandbox offered in the SAP HANA Developer Center on SCN?

The SAP HANA One license and instance type enables production use, whereas the developer license does not.

11. How does SAP HANA One Platform compare to SAP HANA on-premise?

SAP HANA One allows fast deployment, operational flexibility and faster time-to-market to develop and deploy for use-cases that can be satisfied by 60.5GB memory. SAP HANA on-premise is recommended for use cases that deal with larger data sets.

Total Cost and Cost Control

1. How much does SAP HANA One Portal cost?

There are two pricing models available.  Hourly Subscription is available for USD $2.95 and Monthly Subscription is available for USD$2010/month.

2. How can I control cost?

The price that is billed is dependent on the time used. One can consider using hourly pricing for few hours of weeks. Monthly pricing is great model for needs for month or longer.

Getting Started and Deployment Considerations

1. What is the maximum database size for SAP HANA One?

The limit to maximum data base size is 60 GB in-memory as per the licensing agreement.

However, for optimal performance, we do not recommend exceeding the size of the database beyond the 30 GB in memory.

2. Can I use IBM CLOUD clustering functionality?

This is not currently supported for SAP HANA One.

3. How do I load data to my SAP HANA One instance?

You can load data to your SAP HANA One instance by importing CSV files.

4. What is the performance on SAP HANA One as compared to SAP HANA on-premise?

For a similar number and type of CPU cores, memory and I/O configuration, SAP HANA One is comparable to SAP HANA on-premise. Your actual performance will vary based on the nature of workload.

5. If SAP or another source system is connecting from onsite to SAP HANA One, what is the network bandwidth?

Network bandwidth in this case is dependent on the bandwidth available at the onsite location.

Security & Backup

1. How do I recover lost data?

SAP HANA One is configured to back up data and log to a separate 200GB EBS volume from which data can then be recovered. Log backup is performed periodically as needed. Data backup is recommended periodically and before any system upgrade to protect data and HANA artifacts.

2. What happens to my data when I shut down the SAP HANA One instance?

The SAP HANA One instances are backed up by persistent data stores and will remain until the user terminates the instance. Once the instance is terminated, by default, the resources are recycled.

3. Can a SAP HANA One backup be restored into an on-premise instance of SAP HANA?

Yes, as long as SAP HANA One and SAP HANA on-premise licenses are valid, and the SAP HANA versions match, backup data can be transferred. Please follow your license agreements carefully before you transfer any data between SAP HANA One and SAP HANA on-premise.

4. Do I need to install Secure Backup media and administrative servers in order to do Cloud backup?

Special backup media is not required. The SAP HANA One instances are pre-configured with Volumes of 200GB data backups.

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