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Installing and connecting to SAP Predictive Analytics Model Manager


Installing and configuring SAP Predictive Analytics Model Manager can be tricky and I thought I could help with some tips. This article is a complement to the existing documentation which is the reference.

Step 1: Download the installer

First, you need to download and install SAP Predictive Analytics Model Manager. This is a separate installer from SAP Predictve Analytics.

For that, go to Service Marketplace, select Products and then Software Download. Click then on Installations and Upgrades, Click on A-Z and then select P, then select SAP Predictive Analytics and then Comprised Software Component versions.

You will now see all installers.

Click on SAP Predictive Analytics Model Manager. Only a  Windows 32 bit version is available (but you can install it on a Windows 64 bit operating system). Click on it and download the executable.

Step2: Installation

Execute the installer and proceed with the installation. The official documentation can be found here:

Keep default options whenever possible.

The installer will stop at this stage and ask you to download Java API.

Follow the instructions carefully, download the right versions of requested files, rename them and place them in the right folders. If anything is incorrect, you won't be able to click Next.
The bottom of this screen will also ask you to open a command window.

Tip1: open the command window selecting Run as Administrator.

It asks you to execute a script. Be careful when selecting or typing the name of this executable. It is webtools_db_init.bat - don't forget to add factory after it.

Step3: Configuration

Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\SAP Predictive Analytics\Model Manager 2.2\Tomcat\conf and edit tomcat-users.xml with a text editor.

Tip2: Uncomment the list of users at the bottom of this file (remove <!-- in front of the first user and --> at the end of the section).

Tip3: Replace “admin” user by “Admin” (you might want to do it for its associated password)

If you want, you can add other users and their passwords. Save this file.

Restart SAP Predictive Analytics Model Manager's Windows Services:

Optional: Configuring the email delivery.

In order to receive email notifications from Model Manager, you need to specify the email server to use as well as the account to use (it can be a generic one, see with your company's administrators).

Open the KMFconfig.cfg file (located in Model Manager 2.2\Tomcat\webapps\Factory\config) with a text editor.

Add the following lines at the end of the file:

SMTP.Server = mail01.mycompany.corp

STMP.Port = 25

SMTP.User =

SMTP.Password = mypassword

SMTP.UseSsl = false

SMTP.Enabled = true

Replace the server and account information with the right setting to use in your company.

Save this file and restart Model Manager Services.

Don't forget when defining users in Model Manager to add their email address to receive emails.

Step4: Connection

You can launch SAP Predictive Analytics Model Manager from your Windows menu:

Alternatively, you can open a web browser and type the address: http://localhost:8080/Factory/

Note: if you changed the default ports, the address to use will be different.

You might have security message the site certificate. Click Continue to this website.

You will reach the login screen:

For your first connection, you have to login as “Admin”.

Once you are connected, go to the Administration section and click on the triangle at the left of Administration to display all options.

Click Users and the click Edit in front of Admin.

Grant this user the IT Administration role (at least). And save your changes.

As an administrator, you will now be able to define other users and their role(s). You can define a connection to Predictive Analytics server (Administration/Servers), Projects (Administration/Projects) and Data sources to use (Administration/Sources).

You can then logoff and reconnect with your own user which might not be IT Administrator (and won’t access the Administration panel).
You can refer to SAP Predictive Analytics Model Manager user guide for other settings, definitions and how to:

I hope you have been able to successful install and configure SAP Predictive Analytics Model Manager and you’re now ready for your model deployments!

• Predictive Analytics and Predictive Analytics Model Manager must be running the same version and same service pack.
• Predictive Analytics Model Manager can connect to Predictive Analytics Server version only. If you are running a desktop version, you have to execute the installer again and customize the installation. You need to select the authenticated server :

In case of issues, please also refer to: Predictive Analytics Model Manager: common issues

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