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Release Notes for SAP HANA Cloud Platform, Portal Service


Release Notes for SAP HANA Cloud Platform, portal service (formerly known as SAP HANA Cloud Portal)


Check out this link to the 2016 release notes.



FeatureType of ChangeDescription

Major Release


The following key capabilities are now available in Cloud Portal:

  • Building and customizing freestyle pages, Fiori launchpad, and Fiori apps seamlessly in one experience.
  • Embracing Fiori technology and concepts, such as SAPUI5, SAP Web IDE, UI5 Extensibility, OData, and more.
  • Having a responsive user experice: one site runs on any device.
  • Working with enhanced developer flows and tools, including a SAP Web IDE cutom plugin.
  • Providing your own template based business solutions.

For more information, see: Welcome to SAP HANA Cloud Portal


FeatureType of ChangeDescription
Fiori configuration cockpit - supported Windows browser versionChangedIt is necessary to use Internet Explorer 10 or above when working with the configuration cockpit.


FeatureType of ChangeDescription
Fiori launchpad – support for multiple versions of SAPUI5New

SAP Fiori launchpad on Cloud now supports SAPUI5 distribution version 1.30 for Java and HTML5 applications,

in addition to version 1.28. In the site settings, administrators can now select which SAPUI5 version to use: the innovation version (1.30) or the maintenance version (1.28). The default is to use the innovation version.

For details, see Configuring Site Settings.

SAP Fiori launchpad Life Cycle ManagementEnhanced

To include translation in the transport procedure of launchpad content between accounts and landscapes, the launchpad administrator needs to perform additional steps.

For details, see SAP Fiori Launchpad on Cloud - Lifecycle Management.


FeatureType of ChangeDescription
Fiori configuration cockpit - ability to transport launchpad contentNew

An administrator can transport launchpad content between accounts in the same landscape,

between accounts in different landscapes, and between accounts in different data centers.

Using the Content Transport tile, an administrator can export and import sites and assignment packages.

For details, see Transporting Launchpad Content.

Fiori configuration cockpit - ability to view statistical information related to applicationsEnhanced

Using the Usage Analytics tile, an administrator can now view statistical information related to applications, including the number of visits per application and the average length of a visit per application.

For details, see Analyzing Launchpad Site Statistics.

Fiori configuration cockpit - ability to configure a destination in SAP HANA Cloud platform when browsing for appsNew

Administrators can create a destination in order to allow account users who are not administrators to browse apps without having to enter their user credentials each time.

For details, see


FeatureType of  ChangeDescription
Fiori launchpad - automatic routing mechanism for accessing external resourcesNewSAP Fiori launchpad on cloud now comes with an automatic routing mechanism that enables developers to write code once and deploy it, without the need to provide specific coding for accessing backend systems or for loading SAPUI5 custom libraries.
Fiori launchpad - configuring a custom domain for the default siteNewAn administrator can configure a custom domain for accessing the default site, instead of using the complete URL.


FeatureType of  ChangeDescription
Fiori launchpad - SAP JAM integrationEnhancedThe integration with SAP JAM has been enhanced and now the administrator can use the collaboration capabilities of Share/Discuss in the launchpad.
SAP HANA Cloud Portal documentation in a PDF formatNew

You can now download the entire documentation set for SAP HANA Cloud Portal (including SAP Fiori launchpad on cloud) in a PDF format.

The PDF link can be accessed from the documentation Welcome page:  SAP HANA Cloud Portal

Fiori configuration cockpit - reordering of tiles in a tile groupNewAn administrator can configure the apps in a tile group to appear in a certain order at runtime by using the reorder feature in the Manage Tile Groups editor.
Fiori configuration cockpit - assignment packagesChangedContent packages are now referred to as assignment packages.
Fiori configuration cockpit - duplicating assignment packagesNewAdministrators can duplicate assignment packages from the  Manage Assignment Packages editor
Fiori configuration cockpit - managing the Fiori configuration cockpitNewPreviously administrators accessed the configuration cockpit from the Site Directory in the Cloud Portal. Now they access the configuration cockpit from a SAP Fiori launchpad site. Administrators can then navigate from the configuration cockpit to the Configuration Cockpit Management site to edit the configuration cockpit.


FeatureType of ChangeDescription
Fiori Configuration Cockpit - UI improvementsEnhanced

The following improvements have been made to the Configure Apps tile:

  • A Site Preview button has been added so that an administrator can quickly navigate to the launchpad site to view the newly configured app tile.
  • A Tile Preview allows an administrator to see how the configured app tile appears at runtime.
Fiori Configuration Cockpit - locked group configuration option has been addedNewAn administrator can now lock a group to prevent an end user from personalizing it. The locked group appears as the first group on the Fiori launchpad site.
Fiori Configuration Cockpit - ability to create a new group on the fly in the Configure Apps tile when assigning apps to groups.ChangedIn the Assignments tab of the Configure Apps tile you can assign the app to an existing tile group or you can create a new tile group on the fly and assign the app to it.
Fiori Configuration Cockpit - ability to enable themes for user selection in runtimeNewAn administrator can now enable one or more themes to be available for selection by the user in runtime.
Fiori launchpad - ability to add to the launchpad SAP Smart Business KPI tilesNewSite administrators can now use SAP Smart Business Modeler to add KPI tiles to the launchpad.
Fiori launchpad - SAP JAM integrationNewThe account administrator on SAP HANA Cloud Platform can enable integration between SAP Fiori launchpad and SAP JAM, so that launchpad users can see their SAP JAM image in the launchpad, next to their name.
Fiori launchpad - ability for administrators to access SAP Fiori Configuration CockpitNewThe option Configuration Tools has been added to the Options menu, to enable administrators (only) to access the SAP Fiori Configuration Cockpit.


FeatureType of ChangeDescription

Fiori Configuration Cockpit -

Improvements to the Create New App wizard


The following improvements have been made to the Create New App wizard:

  • When an administrator creates an app tile in the wizard and clicks Finish in the last step, the Configure Apps tile opens displaying the new app. From here the new app can be edited immediately or selected from the side panel in the future for editing. The new app also appears as a tile in SAP Fiori launchpad.
  • A dynamic Tile Preview has been added to the Tile step of the wizard. As you define the tile properties, changes are reflected in the Tile Preview so that you can see how your app looks at runtime.

Fiori Configuration Cockpit -

Changes to Tile Groups in the Configuration Cockpit are reflected in personalized tile groups in SAP Fiori launchpad

ChangedAs of now, if an administrator makes changes to a tile group in the Configuration Cockpit, the changes are also reflected in the same tile group in SAP Fiori launchpad even if it has been personalized by the end user

Fiori Configuration Cockpit -

UI improvements


The following improvements have been made:

  • The tiles have been reorganized into the following areas: Account Content, Site Content, Tools, and Info.
  • Names of tiles and their icons have been changed.
  • In the Info area of the wizard, there is a new tile that links to the SAP Fiori apps reference library

Fiori Configuration Cockpit -

Sample content available


In the assignments tab, when assigning an app to a tile group or content package, a sample group and sample content package are provided. These samples can be edited and you can either enter a new tile group or content package or choose from the dropdown list of existing ones.

Fiori Configuration Cockpit -

New Create App Tile Wizard tile

NewA Create App Tile Wizard is now available on the Fiori Configuration Cockpit to simplify the process of creating an application tile. The improved user experience allows you to set the app’s navigation, tile, and assignment properties in a systematic workflow until the new tile appears in the SAP Fiori launchpad site.

Fiori Configuration Cockpit -

Content package settings have been simplified

EnhancedIn the Manage Content Packages tile, a new  Assignment Mode setting has been added to the Sites tab to define whether assignment of a tile to a content package is manual or automatic.

Fiori Configuration Cockpit -

Customization of the Fiori Configuration Cockpit

EnhancedYou can customize the SAP Fiori Configuration Cockpit site as you would customize any other application site.

Fiori Configuration Cockpit -

Merge of App Configuration and App Assignments tiles

ChangedThe Configure Apps tile now includes the functionality of the previous App Configuration and App Assignment tiles. A new tab called  Assignments has been added to the  Configure Apps tile to manage assignments.

Fiori launchpad -

Languages tile

NewIt is now possible to download user facing texts for translation purposes, and offer the launchpad in several languages.

Fiori launchpad -

SAP HANA Cloud Platform cockpit tile

NewA tile that opens the SAP HANA Cloud Platform cockpit in a new tab is now available in the Tools group.


FeatureType of ChangeDescription

Fiori launchpad -

App tile icons from custom libraries

NewIt is now possible to select an icon for an app tile from a custom TrueType font library.

Fiori launchpad -

SAP Mobile Documents tile

NewSite administrators can now configure a tile to access a folder in SAP Mobile Documents


FeatureType of ChangeDescription

Cloud Portal: Role creation and assignment


Role creation and assignment for Cloud Portal is now fully carried out in the SAP HANA Cloud Platform cockpit.

see blog: SAP HANA Cloud Platform Cockpit - The New Home for all Cloud Portal Roles

Cloud Portal: Site Hierarchy API

EnhancedA new method has been added to the Site Hierarchy API. The method allows the retrieval of metadata from site pages, to build navigation breadcrumbs.

Cloud Portal and Fiori launchpad: SAPUI5 upgrade

EnhancedCloud Portal and Fiori Launchpad for Cloud now support SAPUI5 distribution version 1.26.5 for Java and HTML5 applications (including runtime version 1.26.4).
Fiori launchpad: News tileNewSite administrators can now configure a news tile.
Fiori launchpad: Assignment of sites to content packagesNewTo enable end-user access to the apps in a site, site administrators must assign the apps and the site to the same content package.


FunctionType of ChangeDescription
Translating Site ContentNew

Cloud Portal now includes a process for downloading site content for translation purposes, and offering the site in several languages.

Blog: Let's Go Multi Lingual

Querying site status (API)NewIt is now possible to find out whether a site is online (published or modified) or offline, using a REST API. The API is public and can be executed on any site.
Setting global site propertiesNewSite administrators and authors can define custom site-level properties for specialized use cases.
Information about adding YouTube videosChangedWhen adding YouTube videos to a page (using the Video Player widget), if too many requests for the video are made over a short time period, a reCAPTCHA challenge is generated by YouTube. This limitation has been added to the Add Videos topic in the User Guide.
Fiori launchpad in the Cloud: Cockpit administration and personalizationNewSite administrators can save any of the administration apps as a tile in the SAP Fiori Configuration cockpit, and personalize the cockpit.

Fiori launchpad -

Configuring runtime settings

NewSite administrators can configure the runtime settings of a site, as well as manage the site's availability to end users.

Fiori launchpad -

Enhanced app configuration


App configuration has been enhanced with the following properties:

  • No App type for a tile that does not launch any app
  • Devices on which an app is supported: desktop, tablet, smartphone
  • Parameters that can be passed with an intent-based navigation request

For details, see the HANA Cloud Portal release notes.

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Product Demos and Movies:

YouTube Playlist


December 2014

FunctionType of ChangeDescription
SAP Fiori Launchpad in the CloudEnhanced

A completely renovated set of tools for the administration and design of SAP Fiori launchpad sites and their content is availalbe. These tools support the configuration and management of various content types, such as apps, tiles, content packages, app groups, and site themes. In addition, the new Usage Analytics dashboard displays the usage statistics of a launchpad site.

More Information:

Support for ItalianEnhancedItalian has been added to the list of languages supported by Cloud Portal.

November 2014

FunctionType of ChangeDescription
SAPUI5 UpgradeEnhancedCloud Portal now supports the latest version of SAPUI5: version 1.24.4.
SAP Fiori launchpad on CloudEnhanced

SAP Fiori Launchpad on Cloud users can now send feedback to SAP describing what they like or what they would like to improve.

For details, see: Runtime Capabilities

SAP Fiori launchpad on CloudNew

Developers can now add custom items to the Options menu.

For details: see Adding and Removing Custom Items to the Options Menu

October 2014

FunctionType of ChangeDescription
SAPUI5 UpgradeEnhancedCloud Portal now supports the latest version of SAPUI5: version 1.24.2.

September 2014

FunctionType of ChangeDescription
Using Rich Text Editor widget pluginsNew

Creating Cloud Portal widgets in the SAP Web IDE.

For details, see: Customizing the Rich Text Editor Widget.

Creating Cloud Portal widgets in the SAP Web IDE


Using special Cloud Portal templates in the SAP Web IDE, developers can easily create OpenSocial widgets from scratch, or convert existing SAP UI5 applications to Cloud Portal widgets.

For details, see: Creating Cloud Portal Widgets in the SAP Web IDE.

Changes in page template managementEnhanced

The Page Template Management function has been enhanced to improve clarity and user-friendliness.

For details, see:

Change in design of Site DirectoryEnhancedThe look-and-feel of the site cards in the Site Directory has been changed to distinguish between Cloud Portal sites and Fiori launchpad sites.

SAP Fiori launchpad on Cloud


We are excited to announce the availability of the SAP Fiori launchpad running on SAP HANA Cloud Platform as part of the HANA Cloud Portal offering. The SAP HANA Cloud Portal documentation set now includes a guide for the new SAP Fiori launchpad on the cloud.

Blog: Simplifying your UX with SAP Fiori launchpad on SAP HANA Cloud Platform

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Release Notes Archive

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