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What's new in SAP Strategy Management 10.1 (August 2015 update)

Periodic service packs contain both bug fixes and product enhancements.  The ideas for the enhancement requests are based largely on customer input from SAP IdeaPlace.  Noteworthy SSM 10.1 enhancements are summarized below and the latest SP8/SP9 enhancements are included at the end of this document.

HTML5 based UI

SAPUI5 is a standard platform for HTML5 based screens, allowing for consistent look and feel across different SAP applications.

Time periods in Strategy tab

Users can adjust the period and end date in the Strategy tab and the status indicators will change to reflect the selected period.

Customer defined scorecard attributes display in overview screen

Custom scorecard fields can be defined for both KPIs and non-KPI levels (e.g. objectives) and these attribute fields will display on both the summary and detail screens.

Safari on iPad

Strategy Management screens can be viewed on the iPad via the Safari browser.  These screens have been formatted specifically for the iPad.   

Publish Briefing Books

Briefing books always display captured screens with the most recent Strategy Management data.  The publish feature creates a PDF at a point in time, allowing users to see historical data.  With this feature, a user might publish a single briefing book multiple times reflecting the data for each month, quarter, etc.

Semi-annual periodicity

Users can view data in scorecard, reports, and dashboards with a semi-annual periodicity.  

UpdateInitiative web service

Initiatives can be updated via a web service call

Upload files in associated links

The associated links for KPIs, objectives, initiatives, etc. can be either URLs or uploaded files (Word documents, PDFs, images, etc.).  There is no limit to the number of associated links defined for any item.

Comments based on specific reporting period

Comments can be general or associated with specific time periods

Custom attributes in Initiatives (SP8 / SP9)

Custom attributes cab be added in Initiatives, similar to those in scorecard

Search feature in scorecard definition (SP8 / SP9)

Users can search for scorecard elements based on keyword

Search feature in reports (SP8 / SP9)

Users can search for measures based on keywords or KPI definition

Alerts based on subjective assessment (SP8 / SP9)

Users can subscribe to be alerted when a scorecard subjective assessment is added or modified

Table of contents and "jump to page" in Briefing Book (SP8 / SP9)

Briefing Books include a table of contents and the ability to jump to any specific page