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**TEAM FPM** Blogs

Blogs from members of the FPM team.

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@Christian GuentherUsing FPM Applications on an iPad WebDynpro and FPM are designed for the creation of desktop applications. Nevertheless it was always technically possible to run FPM based applications on a tablet or even on a smartphone. But as there are a lot of limitations this wasn't supported by SAP. This has changed now.
@Simon HoegNavigate from Message Area into Collapsed Panels or TabsEnd users usually prefer to have a reference of an error message to the corresponding input field. In addition they want to navigate into the field when clicking on the message, no matter if the corresponding panel or tab is currently collapsed or closed.
@Simon HoegAsynchronous Loading of GUIBBsEvery time you deal with GUIBBs that load large amount of data, then asynchronous approaches may help to let the screen be still responsive and more user friendly. Since this topic is frequently discussed in the forum, I decided to describe a possible solution based on the FPM Asynchronous Events and Web Dynpro Notification Service, which was delivered with SAP NetWeaver 731 SP7.
@Simon HoegNew Chart Features for NW 7.50Alternative list rendering, advanced personalization and exporting as a PNG file.
@Simon HoegA New Message AreaA more modern look and feel to the message area.
@Dirk BeckerSAP Screen Personas for Web Dynpro ABAPPersonas is widely known as a powerful tool for reducing complexity and increasing efficiency for end users working on SAP GUI screens. Personas is now available for WDA and FPM.  (This blog was posted previously on the SAP GUI space).
@Celeste HoefkensFPM and WDA - A Change of ImageAn intro to the 'Fiorification' of FPM and WDA.
@Dirk BeckerSAP TechEd (#SAPtd) Lecture of the Week: Big Data @ Web Dynpro ABAP/FPM - Analytical and Productivity FeaturesDirk's 2014 TechEd lecture was selected as 'Lecture of the Week' for the week of 13th of July 2015. In case you missed the session or want to have a repeat, watch the replay here.
@Christian GuentherCreating a SAP UI5-Based UIBBRead about how you can integrate a SAP UI5 control with an FPM application.
@Ulrich MillerList ATS UIBB: Controlling the Properties of Single CellsDiscover how to control the properties Read Only, Enabled and Visibility for single cells as well as columns in a List ATS UIBB.
@Christian GuentherNavigation within the SAP Fiori LaunchpadFind out how to navigate from a WebDynpro/FPM application to another application within the SAP Fiori Launchpad.
@Jens Ruths

Initial Search Page and subsequent External Navigation in the OVP Floorplan

Learn about the general requirements when navigating from a search result list, set up as an initial page, in an OVP application.
@Jens BoeckenhauerA New Filter UIBBI would like to introduce a new Generic UIBB which serves as an analytical data browser and can be used for deep drill-down into specific segments of your (potentially big) data. In combination with a results list, you can find your filtered data records and navigate into specific object maintenance.
@Jens Boeckenhauer

How to Create Beautiful Apps on BOPF Objects: Simple, without Code and Deploying Latest Features (I)

Part II: Fine-Tuning the Attribute Filter and Forms

Part III: Adding a Visual Business Map and Summary

You may have heard that it is possible to create web applications with FPM without any UI code. You may also have heard that with NW 7.40 release, FPM offers a large variety of new modern features such as quickviews, charts, maps, responsive design features, carousels, etc. But if you want to make use of it, you may not know how to start - and how to continue. This blog aims to show you how in a guided tour, supplemented by many screenshots, easy to understand and easy to reproduce.
@Jens BoeckenhauerA Single Point of Entry to FPM UI DevelopmentThe new 'transaction code' for FPM.
@Jens RuthsMaximize Mode in the OVP FloorplanWith this feature, the end user can enlarge the display of a UIBB so that only this UIBB is visualized on the page and all other UIBBs are no longer displayed.
@Heike LeopoldCarousel UIBBA new GUIBB capable of displaying icons and pictures in a carousel format.
@Julia BenderFly around the World with FPM & SAP Visual BusinessThe integration of SAP Visual Business with FPM lets you visualize your business data in an interative, graphical, 3D fashion.
@Christian GuentherInstance Styling in FPMLearn how to format individual UI elements in your applications using FPM's Instance Styling.
@Christian GuentherAsynchronous Events

If you must start a backend process from your FPM application that takes longer than 1 second, you have the following options:

  1. Block the UI and show a 'waiting' cursor for as long as the backend needs to fulfill the task
  2. Start the process in a seperate asynchronous task, allowing the user to continue to work with the application
@Christian GuentherWork Protection

The basic requirement for work protection is very simple: Whenever the application contains unsaved data ('is dirty') and the user is about to leave the application, present him with a data-loss popup. Although this seems to be a rather easy requirement, there is some complexity involved. This is due to the fact that 3 parties must interact: The shell (Portal or NWBC), FPM and the business logic.

@Ulrich Miller

Switching from the Old List UIBB to the New List UIBB (aka List ATS UIBB)

How you can switch from the List UIBB to the List ATS UIBB and the new features you can expect.
@Julia BenderTranslation and Texts of FPM ApplicationsAll you ever wanted to know about translation of FPM objects.
@Dirk BeckerModel-Driven UI Development with FPMDeriving UIs directly from business logic relations is an old dream of Software Architects and UI Designers. Many frameworks were built to reach this goal, but most of them failed due to the complexity of the business logic which needed to be implemented. Until now! Generation and configuration of UIs has never been as easy as it is today with FPM.
@Simon HoegHow to use a Java Script Chart Library in Floorplan Manager ApplicationsThis blog presents an introduction on how to involve Java Script Chart libraries in FPM applications based on the new HTML5 islands: How to integrate HTML5 into your Web Dynpro ABAP applications UI element provided by WD ABAP from SAP Netweaver 7.31 SP5.
@Julia BenderAnalyzing your FPM Application (in general, customizing, enhancements, ...)Ever wondered which kind of analysis tools and tricks are available to get a deep insight into your FPM application?
@Jens RuthsDrag & Drop in FPM GUIBBsAll you need to know about D&D in GUIBBs...
@Jens RuthsMelting Groups in the Display Mode of the GUIBB Form@GL2.0There are often fields in forms that belong semantically together and are therefore positioned one after the other in the same row of the form. Such fields are called “Melting Groups”. Typical examples include addresses with zip code and city, street and house number, phone numbers with area code and extension, amount and their currency, or numbers and their measure unit.


ALV and FPM on SAP HANA: See and feel the Difference - Thea Hillenbrand

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