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Administration at a Glance - IBM

General information

1. Concept of access credentials in IBM CLOUD.

  • Access and Secret Keys: Provided
  • Without access keys, you cannot login to SAP HANA One Console to configure your SAP HANA the first time.

2. Concepts of IBM Cloud

  • Get the Credentials - access key and secret key
  • Configure HANA One using access key and secret key
  • Connect to an HANA One Instance
  • Stop, Start, and Terminate instances
  • Access to Instance using ssh via password provided

Administration in HANA One Portal

SAP HANA One Console is a web based management console to manage and perform administrative tasks on HANA. It is used for administrating local HANA running.

Monitoring HANA One Instance

System Statuses like HANA system status, memory, CPU, along with the disk usage for data and logs are displayed on the Status Page.

Reset Portal Console Password

You could reset your SAP HANA One console password from the SAP HANA One Portal Admin page. Before to reset password, you need to provide your valid IBM CLOUD access Key Id and IBM CLOUD secret access key.

Reset HANA Admin and HANA System passwords

Perform Following passwords can be easily changed on admin page of the HANA One instance management console. (The password reset is protected using IBM CLOUD credentials Access / Secret keys.)

  • System password
  • Database unix user password (hdbadm)

Start/Stop HANA from HANA One Administration Page

HANA database can be started/stopped using the HANA One instance Console Admin tab.

Backup and Recovery in HANA One Instance Console

On Backup & Recovery page of HANA One Console to Perform data backup and recovery. The status of usage of resources for disk and cpu can be monitored on Status page. Alternatively, alerts can be set to get notified as well after installing Add-on.

Data backup

  1. Click Backup HANA database under the Backup & Recovery tab on console.
  2. Enter SYSTEM user password and either choose the default file naming convention or enter your own filename for the backup file.
  3. Monitor the backup progress.

Data Recovery

  1. Select any available backup from the Backup list.
  2. Select Recover HANA Backup.
  3. Enter hdbadm password.
  4. After the password is validated, select Start Recovery. When recovery is complete, the Recovery listing shows the date, size, and status.

Backup and recovery in HANA Studio

Refer to the HANA One Admin guide for the backup and recovery steps using Studio.

Upgrading SAP HANA with Add-on Manager

  • From the HANA One instance Console, navigate to the Add-on tab.
  • Select SAP HANA Version you want Download & Install. Please note that once upgraded to the new version of HANA, there is no option to uninstall.
  • Select Install and follow the steps on the screen to continue the install.
  • To check the status of the install or uninstall, select the active installation package under Installing/Uninstalling.
  • Click "Input" button to enter the user input parameters.
    For example, enter the SYSTEM DB and hdbadmOS passwords and Submit.
  • To optimally utilize the available memory, a stop and start of HANA Instance is recommended by navigating to My Services under IBM Cloud Marketplace. 

Install SAP Add-on Package(s)

SAP HANA One Rev 80.0 comes with Lumira Samplers 2.1 (The available packages list is dynamically populated). Follow similar steps to install any packages as above. These packages can be uninstalled.

Postpone Installation

To postpone any installation, select Ignore. The ignored installations display in the Ignored tab.

Failed Installation

Failed installations display in the Failed tab. Select the Failed package for details.

Uninstall SAP Add-on Package(s)

From the Installed tab, select any package, select Uninstall and follow the instructions on the screen.

Do’s and Don'ts

  • Always use the same version of HANA Server, HANA Studio and HANA Client in SAP HANA One.
  • The current deployment setup of HANA One packages supports HANA One functionality. Changing default configuration on the instance can impact the functionality. Contact HANA One Support if you need help.
  • Make a note of IBM CLOUD credentials and key pairs.
  • Do not change the apache, tomcat, jvm or network configuration on your HANA One instance, as it is customized for HANA One Functionality. Contact HANA One Support if you need help.
  • Keep a check on disk usage of HANA One instance. Refer to FAQ for more details.

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