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SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence platform

Top 10 viewed BI Admin SAP KBAs for January 2015



The purpose of this document is to provide a list of the top ten most viewed SAP KBA's for BI Admin in the month of January 2015.


Below are the top 10 most viewed SAP KBA's for BI Admin.

Note NumberNote Title
2115649How is Internet Explorer 11 Enterprise Mode supported in SAP BusinessObjects Product?
2114027Oracle UNDO tablespace is consuming up when BI is deleting Auditing records
2114586Error: "How to search for specific users' inbox in the Central Management Console (CMC)
2117910How to find BI Product Availability Matrix(Support Platform) from new service portal
2117913Why "No Data Available" is shown when viewing some metrics in history mode in BI Monitoring, while data is shown for other metrics?
2115569Red error message "You must restart the server for changes to take effect"
2114361"Monitoring Users" group can not see the accurate value of "Running Job","Pending Job" and "Users" metrics under Monitoring dashboard in CMC
2124840Error: "The viewer could not process an event. File xxx.rpt not found on File Repository Server. [] --- Error code:0 [CRWEB00000119]"
2114614Connection Servers stopped but crystal report works
2119158Duplicated instance files are generated when cluster nodes can't communicate with each other"

Please note, in order to view the contents of the SAP Notes, you will need to be logged into Service Marketplace.

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