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PMDC report in CRM Trade Promotions


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This document will explain the design of the PMDC report in trade promotions.

Marketing objects are set up with certain master data and are valid during a specified time frame. Changes in master data are not reflected automatically in these objects. If one wants to have these master data changes reflected in his objects, it would be necessary to identify and change manually all active and planned marketing objects which can be a very time consuming and inefficient task, therefore the PMDC report is provided.

The scope of PMDC is to evaluate certain master data changes and to apply these changes to affected trade promotions.

The PMDC offers the following design to select trade promotions:

  1. Search for Marketing objects base on select options
    system fetches selected trade promotions from DB, that fall into the plan start and plan to date range. In case the plan start and plan end dates are not filled the range is defaulted with 01.02.1900 to 31.9999.
  2. Filter by statuses enter in selection screen
    1. filter by stystem status
    2. filter by user status
  3. Validate Selection: No Mkt found, post message

For the selected trade promotions the PMDC report works the following way:

  1. Load Trade Promotion
  2. Enqueue Trade Promotion - if the trade promotion cannot be locked, the PMDC aborts. The reasons may be different (any other process locks the same trade promotion, TP status does not allow to execute CGCH 'Change attributes' business transaction)
  3. Read Product Assignment from Trade Promotion
  4. Read Product History according to PMDC parameters
  5. Performs CCA checks to determine any products to add, delete or change
  6. Performs product changes (add, delete or change)
  7. Regenerate KPI plan data
  8. Regenerate Conditions

Product Assignment

Product Category change

The PMDC report checks if products and product categories used in a trade promotion are consistent with the product master data. Usually a product is assigned to a product category. Product categories may hold several products.

When products are used in trade promotions there are the following different scenarios.

  • Product is single assigned
    The product is entered in the product assignment block directly. The product holds the product category information.
  • Product is mass assigned
    The product category is entered in the product assignment block. The product category is exploded to insert the products assigned to the product category.

The product assignment for the trade promotion is hold in table CRMD_MKTPL_PROD. For mass assigned products the information about the selected product category is hold in the field SEL_CATEGORY_G.

The product master data gets changed the following way:

Product HT-1000 is moved to a different product category. Product HT-1000 is no therefore longer assigned to product category LAPTOPS but assigned to product category NOTEBOOKS. Furthermore the product HT-1020 gets newly assigned to product category LAPTOPS.

The PMDC report run for the sample trade promotions should detect the master data changes and perform changes to the trade promotions as per the following design. There is different design for single and mass assigned products:

  • Product is single assigned
    The trade promotion is created for the product itself. When running the PMDC report the product category for the product gets updated since this got changed in the product master data.

  • Product is mass assigned
    The trade promotion is created for the products for a certain product category. The planning account is therefore supposed to retrieve discounts for products of the product category.

    When running the PMDC report the following happens:
    • all products that were newly added to the selected product category are included in the trade promotion
    • all products that are no longer included in the selected product category are deleted from the trade promotion

There is the following design for active trade promotions - a trade promotion is considered as active if it is in 'released' status and has the start date is already reached:

Updating product categories in the single assignment scenario and adding new products to a trade promotion in the mass assignment scenario don't cause any issues. However deleting any product from an active trade promotion is not working. The following error is raised in the PMDC log:

Unable to delete product HT-1000 because promotion already started

Therefore whenever the PMDC is supposed to delete a product from an active trade promotion the whole PMDC process is failing. The trade promotion needs to be corrected manually in that case.

Unit of Measure change

The unit of measure may gets changed in the master data for a certain product.

For products getting the UoM changed in the master date there is the following design. The trade promotion has a product assigned with the UoM taken from master data before the product master changed.

If the changed product UoM is still valid for the trade promotions sales data, the PMDC updates the product accordingly.

If the updated product master data is not valid for the trade promotion sales data the product cannot be updated but gets deleted.

This design is also valid for locked products. Since the sales data API won't return any data for locked products the product is supposed to be deleted rather than updated.

Known Issues:

Known issues related to the trade promotion selection in PMDC report are solved with the following SAP notes:

2175710 - PMDC program is not working for User Status

1932503 - PMDC requires values for the status selection option

1928400 - PMDC program ignores the status range option

Known issues related to product design in the PMDC report are solved with the following SAP notes:

2056057 - PMDC: No message is sent to the log when a product is updated.

2021814 - PMDC does not update product when product category changes under the parent mass assigned category

1871966 - PMDC program deletes products instead of update them

1817606 - PMDC: Design change for products with modified product categories

1780957 - PMDC report deletes products with invalid Unit of Measures

Known issues related to the PMDC log are solved with the following SAP notes:

2056057 - PMDC: No message is sent to the log when a product is updated.

1920673 - PMDC log different when multiple TPMs in non-simulation mode.

1912544 - PMDC different log when report is run in simulation mode.

1895439 - PMDC : Inconsistent log in TEST mode for same TPM

1882547 - Save PMDC execution log for the transaction SLG1

1838417 - PMDC report does not save failure messages in SLG1

This document will be continued. In case there is any further information required please let me know.

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