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Configuring SAP HANA One on IBM Cloud


  1. An IBM WebID
  2. Purchased SAP HANA One on IBM Cloud

When you or IBM Sales team purchase the service, the hourly/monthly subscription, data center, and version are selected.

To configure SAP HANA one management console set up, perform the following steps:

  1. Go to IBM Cloud Marketplace, and click 'Sign in'

  2. Enter your IBM WebID and password, and click 'Sign in'

  3. Click on 'My Services'

  4. Click on 'IBM Cloud Automated Modular Management for SAP HANA One'

    After the provisioning is complete, the status changes to 'Your service is running'. Also, the Server Access Information is displayed.

  5. Click on 'Management Console URL' to configure SAP HANA One

    Note: You can make a connection to the management console machine through PuTTY or any other SSH / SFTP connection software. Use the following information while making the connection to the machine:

    The Access Key and Secret Access Key are available on the service page.

    • 'Address' for host name
    • Log in with the 'User name'
    • Authenticate using the 'Password'
  6. In step 1 of 2, enter the Access Key and Secret Access Key

  7. In step 2 of 2, enter and confirm passwords, and click on 'Setup HANA One' button

  8. Enter the following details to configure SAP HANA:

    • Enter and confirm HANA System Administrator user hdbadm password
    • Enter and confirm database user SYSTEM password
  9. Click on 'Configure SAP HANA' button

  10. After you click on the 'Configure SAP HANA' button, configuration will start and will take about 20 minutes.

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