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WALL OF FAME: SAP Lumira University Challenge ANZ 2014 - Second Prize Winners


Title: Australian Education Sector and International Students

Parthiv Dixit:

I am an I.T professional that recently graduated with a Masters in ERP from Victoria University. I have a keen interest in working with technology and exploring new ways that it can be used.

I have worked as a database developer for 6 odd years on enterprise systems ranging from payroll to vehicle overload control. I am looking to further my knowledge in areas of data warehousing and reporting by leveraging SAP products. The SAP Lumira Challenge provided a great way to learn the product and think about how data can be framed to tell a compelling story that is normally hidden  behind numbers. I look forward to more such challenges.

Trupti Patel:

I am a recent post graduate from Victoria University in Master Of Business (Information Systems & Enterprise Resource Planning Systems) with Higher Distinction.

I have 10 years of experience in different areas of software development. I decided to do my Masters in ERP as wanted to explore something new in IT after working for 10 years. Parthiv and I know each other from the first semester of our masters and have done many assignments as a team. So when he asked me about participating in SAP Lumira competition, I agreed immediately as I was using SAP Lumira as a reporting tool for one of my SAP BW assignment and wanted to learn more. I am looking forward to further my IT career in SAP BI/BW world and I am sure SAP Lumira will be part of it.

How do we feel when both of you learn that you have won this Challenge?

We were really thrilled to know it as we were not expecting us to get a second place. While creating the story we discussed many different stories, however it was difficult to find necessary data from open data sources in a way that could be expressed as a story. We thought that our story came out decent piece of work but we could have done better if we had more time to work on it as we also had to juggle with many assignments of our individual units.

What challenges did your team face and how both of you overcome them?

There were several challenges:

1.   The Lumira version we were using was not having all the functionality we were seeing in tutorials for creating a story using story boards. However the Lumira product is very well designed and easy to use so we did not take long to figure out how to master the various features.

2. Finding the data related to topic required lots of time which was a constraint considering our study load and other commitments. To overcome this challenge we sourced information from various government agencies and internet articles.

3.   Constructing a storyboard that would tell an engaging story – deriving insights and sourcing the data to substantiate the insight was particularly challenging. This was because the public knowledge about our domain area was reasonably high. To build the storyboard we brainstormed about the domain area (Education Sector) and looked at different events covered in the media over the years. Finally we collated information from various sources to come up with the storyboard.

WALL OF FAME: SAP Lumira University Challenge ANZ 2014

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