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WALL OF FAME: SAP Lumira University Challenge ANZ 2014 - First Prize Winners


Title: Creating awareness about air pollution in Australia

Tell me more about yourself


I am studying Master of business Enterprise resource planning systems at Victoria University. I am studying this course as it focuses on functional and technical aspects of SAP and while doing this course, I found business intelligence topic to be very interesting. This interest has driven me to participate in the ANZ SAP Lumira challenge. It gave me an opportunity to explore and extract data from the internet, analyse it and learn about the various visualization options that can be used for effective reporting of data. It was a good earning experience and I am looking forward to learn more data analysis concepts and tools. Currently, I am working as an e-learning project officer at the Victoria University. I like to travel, watch movies and play cricket in my leisure time.


My name is Rodnel Lorilla, I was born in  Iloilo City, Philippines. I would say I’m someone who is optimistic, humble, outgoing, enthusiastic, hard-working and consistently sets firm goals for myself. Then, once I’ve defined my benchmarks, I take the required steps to achieve those milestones. I have a passion to learn and improve myself. I like to help, inspire and motivate people. One of my lifetime goal is to build a school in the Philippines for the unfortunate children who could not afford to go to school. I want to give them hope and a chance in life to dream and reach it through education and proper guidance. I believe that helping other people succeed in life is true happiness and it gives the sense of purpose in life.


I am also someone who enjoyed working in a team and is committed to building something larger and put aside personal gain for the well-being of the group. I love playing basketball, I like running outdoors, reading a good book and watch inspiring movies. I like to explore and discover new things from different places and culture. I love meeting new people and eating good food.


Lastly, I just recently finished my Masters of Business in ERP systems and Information system in Victoria University. I am passionate to learn about technologies and how it can improve the way we do things in order for us to live in a better world. I am currently looking for career opportunities in which I could gain experience in Business Intelligence/Analytics, CRM technologies or Change Management. Participating in ANZ SAP Lumira challenge gave me the opportunity to use the skills and knowledge I have learned from Victoria University.

How do you feel when you learn that you have won this Challenge?


Co-incidentally, Rodnel and I were talking about SAP Lumira Challenge when we received the email that we won the challenge. We were very happy that our efforts were fruitful and celebrated that day. We remembered how we worked every week for the past 2 months to gather data, prepare visualizations and finally make a storyboard that would be appealing to everyone.


I and Krishna was surprised. During that time we were doing the video for it. We have to literally pause a bit because we might be dreaming since we haven’t finished the video yet but they announced that we won 1st prize. It felt awesome!

What challenges did your team face and how both of you overcome them?


The main challenge was to gather data from different websites, cleanse it and convert it into required excel or .csv format. Some websites had the option to directly download the data in .csv format but there were some websites where data had to be copied manually into an excel sheet. In addition, we had about 10 million records of data related to carbon emission and it took a while to load the data into Lumira. As it was taking very long time to upload all data at once, we divided the data into small parts like 3 million records and uploaded one after another.


Aside from data gathering and brainstorming on how we will put together our SAP Lumira storyboard. I think the main challenge is how to balance life, work, full-time studying, volunteering and doing the SAP Lumira challenge at the same time. Time management and dedication was the key. I and Krishna always set our schedule every week. We booked a study room for 6 hours in the library after our work and class during Friday to work out on our SAP Lumira Challenge.


WALL OF FAME: SAP Lumira University Challenge ANZ 2014

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