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SAP Cloud for Customer add-ins

CTI Adapter and Live Activity

CTI Adapter Installer

Latest Adapter could be downloaded from the download section of C4C.

Simulating a Call

  • Logon to the System, Open Live Activity Pane
  • Simulate a call from the CTI Adapter
  • Check if the call is registered in the Live Activity Pane


  • Check if the CTI Adapter is running by opening the below page
  • CTIMain.htm
  • Simulate a call from the CTI Adapter
  • Check if the data is displayed in the above link

Browser Settings


Check in the configuration if HTTPs is enabled.

  • Edit Project scoping options via¬† Business Configuration
  • Navigate to Questions
  • Select Service --> Customer Care --> Service Request Management
  • Check if "Do you want to support Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)?" is check
  • and "Do you want to enable secure communication (HTTPS) for CTI Integration?" NOT checked

Enabled HTTPs only when you need a secure connection .

This would also need to enable the local host port that is running on CTI adapter to HTTPs.

CTI Documentation

SAP Support Documentation