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Unit X is not created in language EN (Unit of Measure UOM) - SAP Inventory Manager

To all SAP Inventory Manager Users,

As a proactive support by the One Service - Active Global Support Group, we would like to share some key document/KBA that explains why when the users cycle counts in Inventory Manager in a non-English (ex: Spanish or French or others) they get the UOM is not compatible, what will be needed to fix the issue?

Error: Cycle count error “Unit CH is not created in language EN” Equivalent of unit of measure each (EA) in French is CH

Some trick that other people used is to change the javaBE.ini LANGUAGE from English to the needed language (ex: FR for French). This is not completely true as it is a requirement to have that LANGUAGE left in English or EN (for authentication purposes - by design). What happens is when they change it to the language of choice then English will not work at all.

In this document, we will give you a technique on how to make the Cycle Counts of SAP Inventory Manager with different units of measure work in both English and the non-English of your choice (in this case study we are studying French setup). This document also includes the requirements and assumptions.

KBA # 2118992 - Cycle count transmit error "Unit CH is not created in language EN"

As always thanks to all the customers and field data that we have received for SAP to continue to improve our software and to continue to give you best in class support.

Best Regards,

Mark Pe

SAP Senior Support Engineer (mobility)

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