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Google's acquisition of Apigee - no change for SAP customers

Posted by @Ralf Schaub on Sep 12, 2016

On September 8 Google entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Apigee, a leader in API Management software. In mid-2014 SAP and Apigee entered into a Partnership for SAP to include Apigee technology as part of the SAP HANA Cloud Platform...

SAP API Business Hub Overview and FAQ
Harshavardhan Jegadeesan

Posted by @Harshavardhan Jegadeesan on Sep 19, 2016

Since we launched API Business Hub in spring of 2016, we've had close to 1000 developers who have used the API Business Hub to discover and test SAP APIs. In the meantime, we've had several questions on the API Business Hub. In this blog and the attached presentation, I've tried to provide an overview as well as address some frequently asked questions.

Public SAP HCP, API Management API Proxy GitHub Now Available

Elijah Martinez

Posted by @Elijah Martinez on Sep 16, 2016

Today we are excited to announce the launch of an exciting addition to the support space for SAP HCP, API Management, a Public GitHub repository of sample API Proxies and Applications to showcase some of the capabilities SAP HCP, API Management offers, in a quick and easy to consume manner.

SAP HCP, API management @ SAP TechEd 2016
Peter Ng

Posted by @Peter Ng in SAP TechEd on Sep 1, 2016

SAP TechEd tour is around the corner with its first stop in Las Vegas, then Bangalore and make it final destination in Barcelona. This year marks the 20th Anniversary of SAP TechEd.

In the past 20 years, we witnessed the innovation and advancement of integration technology in SAP. In recent years, the surge of API development and management is fast growing. Developers can now build more powerful and high quality apps with APIs in different industries.

Analytics and Caching for SAP HANA Cloud Platform, integration services using SAP HANA Cloud Platform, API management

Posted by @Aaditya NigamFormer Memberon Aug 16, 2016

A user needs to find supplier of a given part. The enterprise has an SAP HANA Cloud Platform, Integration Services (f.k.a., HCI) Integration flow that does the task. We need to provision an API Proxy to the HCI end point that is safe to expose outside the enterprise and simple to consume.

<strong>SAP API Management - Overview & Getting started<br/></strong>

Posted by Former Memberon Feb11, 2016

Check out our new landing page where you can find out about SAP API Management. On this page we provide you with an overview of available documentation, how-to guides, tutorials, and more!  All the information you need to get started with SAP API Management on HCP.

SAP HCP, API Management - Introduction

Created by @Chris Whealy on Jun 24, 2016

If you are new to SAP HCP, API Management, this set of documents give you a good starting point to learn how to protect and secure your APIs with API Management.

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