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Israel Continuous improvement in FI-AA – Remove the Update of NAFAG Field for Non-Posted Dep. Areas


This is to inform you that on January 7th a continuous improvement in FI-AA processes and reports for omit the update of NAFAG field for non-posted depreciation areas was released for all our customers, SAP note 2106510.

The IL revaluation process updates the ANLC-NAFAG field (Ordinary depreciation posted in the current year). The update of this value is done only if customer set it in the IL customizing  table and only for areas that are not for posting.

In this way IL customers could see the calculated value of "Depreciation posted" in the asset explorer under areas that are not for posting as if it was calculated for posting.

In addition this value is reported in the IL Tax reporting for nominal depreciation areas.

The direct update of field ANLC-NAFAG is no longer possible.

Be aware to the following: 

  • After implementing this note or upgrading to a support package where this note is included - you will be able to see the value of Ordinary Depreciation Posted in the current year for nominal depreciation area that are not for posting only in the Israeli reporting.
  • You have to run the revaluation process for all the open periods that you have in system. Only in this way the system will save the value of the calculated NAFAG for areas that are not for posting in the new field "NOMINAL_NAFAG", and the reports will work correctly retrieving the value calculated in the revaluation process from the right place.   

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