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SAP for Mobile is going away after 10/10/2016

There will be a number of Community Topic Pages to replace various technology/product content grouped in SAP for Mobile.  There will also be a number of Landing Pages which are migrating to the Wiki which contain the organization of content for those areas.  The process of migrating Jive landing pages to the Wiki breaks many of the embedded links.  Some of these have been repaired already, but many more still need attention.  Please be patient or if you have access and can easily fix the links, feel free.  We could use the help!

  • Agentry Products and Technology | Community, Primary tags are Agentry, Work Manager, Rounds Manager, etc.  This will include a link to the Agentry landing page, Agentry: From Syclo to SMP 3.0 (and beyond)
  • For SMP 3.0 and HCPms, there is Mobile Application Development Platform  Landing Page for HCPms and SMP 2.3/3.0 has had some links repaired and should have the primary tags of "SAP HANA Cloud Platform mobile services" and "SAP Mobile Platform".   Please test it out.  The primary landing page (Overview) has not had the redirects enable yet, but the sub-pages have.
  • Afaria will still have a Landing Page, Afaria on Premise, but no link repairs have been done yet on the main page or subpages.
  • Mobile Secure will also still have a Landing Page, SAP Mobile Secure Getting Started Guide | SCN, which may be a blog in the new environment, but will most likely be moved to the Wiki so multi-author functionality is enabled.  Some link repairs were made, but there are more needed. 
  • SAP Fiori | Community, got its own Community Topic Page, but also links to the All Things SAP Fiori landing page in the Wiki.  The Landing page will look a bit different, but the links have been repaired and it should still be the tremendous tool for finding, well, all things Fiori. 

A few other notes:

Daniel van Leeuwen's extensive Kapsel series and other content will migrate to the new Blogs area along with many other prolific content authors.  If it is a How to Guide or technical content, it should be found in SAP Blogs. Current SCN Discussions along with some older content (mostly past the point of being updated) will be in an Community Archive in a Read Only format, all our previous decade plus of solutions will not be lost.  New Questions should be asked in SAP Answers

Regards, @Michael Appleby

SAP Technology RIG

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Product Support in Mobility is interested in your feedback Please provide feedback to SAP Mobility Product Support on your experience
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Gerhard Henig

SAP Fiori on Mobile Devices HCPms, SMP, and Fiori!?!? Bet most of you have thought of this combo before, but read @Gerhard Henig's new article about merging them all together with Mobile Secure and more!

Holger Bruchelt

SAP Gateway for Microsoft Pack 4 - Integrating into SMP

Former Member describes a beautiful integration that allows customers who are already using SMP to quickly bring the same data in Office applications as well

Kenichi Unnai

How do we build the best OData services for offline scenario Webinar

@Kenichi Unnai talks about how to build the best OData services for offline in this very interesting webinar. You can follow the step by step guide as well in a blog series here

Sami Lechner

What's New in SAP Mobile Platform Server 3.0 SP7

@Sami Lechner announces new capabilities in the following areas: Developer Experience, Expansion of Fiori capabilities, and Enhancements around readiness for production deployment.

Milton Chandradas

New features for Windows in SAP Mobile Platform SDK - Part 1 (LogonFlow control)

@Milton Chandradas has put together a series of blogs on the new features in the SAP Mobile Platform SDK (same SDK as HCPms).  Take a look at Part 2 (Push Notification) & Part 3 (Batch Processing) too!.

Martin Dauer

Detailed description: Reference App - Shop 

by @Martin Dauer Want to create your own Fiori applications, but don't want to start from scratch?  Start with a Reference app like this one.  Then tweak (not twerk) away!


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