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How to create a B2B user with read only XCM authorizations

The purpose of this document is to give an overview of how you can create a B2B user that has read only XCM authorizations. This can be used in a test or sandbox environment while testing configuration if you do not want to give permission to edit the XCM configuration.


  • Login into the useradmin application http(s)://.../useradmin
  • Search Criteria -> “Role”

  • “Create Role”

  • Enter a Unique name: e.g. xcmadmin

  • Click on “Assigned Actions”
  • Get: “b2b*” and then select "Go"

  • Select “crm~b2b” with the Name “isasupport” -> “Add” -> “Save”

    Search Criteria: “User”

  • Create user
  • Populate -> Logon ID / Password / Last name

    As Security Policy enter “Technical User”

    Note: If you do not set the Security Policy to “Technical User” then on first logon xcmuser will be prompted to change the user password. Moreover, after
    sometime the password will expire and will have to be updated again.
  • Click on “Assigned Roles” tab
  • Enter “xcmadmin” as Search
    Criteria and click on “Go”

  • Select the role and click on “Add” -> “Save”

Once this has been done the B2B user should have read only authorization on the XCM also.