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IS-U Invoicing: Solving issues in billing and invoicing after upgrade to EHP7

A new KBA was created to provide solutions for various problems concerning selections, error messages and dumps in billing and invoicing processes after implementing EHP7. Convergent Invoicing was integrated into IS-U Invoicing with enhancement package 7. Now it is possible to process IS-U billing documents and source documents from Convergent Invoicing in IS-U Invoicing, and combine them into one invoice. It was necessary to change the existing source code for IS-U invoicing. The result was that some cases of the IS-U invoicing don’t work anymore as expected and before applying EHP7 as for example the selection of IS-U billing documents for the invoicing process. An error message EB-056 “No bill documents for selection” was raised although the created billing documents were invoicable. Other transactions as VF01 terminates with a dump MESSAGE_TYPE_X or a certain selection parameter as “Portion” is not saved and thus not taken into consideration while running EA27.Therefore, it is recommended to apply the corrections provided inside of this KBA 2071296 in the “Resolution” part.