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Lumira Authentication Options


When we say "Lumira", do we refer to the desktop product, Lumira running on HANA (Lumira Server), Lumira Cloud, or the Lumira integration with BI4?

This document will summarize the various authentication options, both for connecting to platforms for hosting content as well as data acquisition.

Lumira Desktop:

The following data access options exist:

The connections to HANA can be done using kerberos SSO.

Connections to universe can be accomplished using kerberos, see SAP note for the necessary configuration steps.

Access to BW is supported with SNC, and of course username/password.

Let's now expand the direct connections:

Curently, kerberos SSO for SQL Server 2008 & 21012 is supported.

More SSO connectivity options will follow in future releases.

Summarizing data access options from Lumira Desktop:

Universe AccessBWDirect SQLHANA

Kerberos SSO to BOE

BI4 SSO options apply. See Complete SSO overview

See SAP note 1995864 for configuration details


Username & Password

Kerberos SSO to SQL 2008 & 2012

Saved Credentials for all others

Kerberos SSO

Summarizing content sharing to various platforms

Lumira ServerLumira CloudBI4 Integration


Saved credentialsSaved credentials

Summarizing logon options to the various Lumira hosting platforms for content consumption.

Lumira ServerLumira CloudBI4 Integration




SAP Logon Tickets

Refer to HANA PAM and HANA administration guide.

Lumira Server uses HANA as a platform, and inherits the SSO options from HANA XS.

SAML 2.0

Lumira Cloud runs on SAP ID.  Like most cloud options, SAML 2.0 is the primary method of authentication.

Refer to the HANA Cloud setup for more information SAP HANA Cloud Platform

Lumira integrates natively into the BI4 platform.  It relies on the BI4 platform for authentication, which is described in the BI4 security overview. Complete SSO overview

This means there are no specific changes in order to authenticate to BI Platform and view documents.

SSO Lumira to data sources:

  • HANA support for SAML (as of 1.28)
  • BW support with STS (as of 1.28)

Finally,  Lumira desktop governance which allows you to restrict usage of the desktop tool through managing rights in BI4 can be setup to run automatically through kerberos SSO as well.   Follow this article for more information on the governance feature.