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Installing the Smart data streaming plugin for HANA Studio


The design time tools for SAP HANA smart data streaming are delivered as a plug-in to the SAP HANA Studio.  They are not installed in the studio by default - they are optional and must be downloaded separately. Installation is simple, however, and only takes a few minutes.  Either follow the instructions below, or watch these two reference HANA Academy tutorials and follow along.


  1. You must have a HANA system with smart data streaming installed that you will connect to and use.  See the smart data streaming installation doc and configuration guide, and/or this TechEd session if you have not yet installed smart data streaming on your SAP HANA system.
  2. Download and install SAP HANA Studio 2  (version 2 is required - this is the new version released as part of HANA SPS09) and connect to your HANA System.


  1. Go to SAP Service Marketplace, Support Packages, A-Z index,  "H" (for HANA)
  2. Select SAP HANA Smart Data Streaming
  3. Select version 1.0
  4. Select "Comprised Software Component Versions"
  5. Select "Smart Data Streaming Studio 1.0"
  6. Choose your version and download the installation package

Install (HANA Academy tutorial )

  1. Extract the download file to a local directory (ensure that the directory path doesn't contain any spaces)
  2. Start SAP HANA studio.
  3. From the SAP HANA studio main menu, select Start of the navigation path Help Next navigation step Install New Software
  4. In the Install dialog, click Add.
  5. In the Add Repository dialog, click Local, select the repository sub-directory in the directory you extracted the download to:  SAP_HANA_STREAMING\repository directory, and click  OK.
  6. In the Install dialog, click on the check box next to SAP HANA smart data streaming, then click  Next.
  7. Review the items to be installed, then click Next.
  8. Review the license, accept any terms and conditions to continue, then click  Finish.
  9. For any security warning prompts, click OK.
  10. When prompted to restart SAP HANA studio, click Yes.

Configure (HANA Academy tutorial)

  1. In SAP HANA Studio...
  2. Open Studio preferences (Menu:  Window > Preferences) and under General, Network Connections, set Active Provider to Native and ensure your proxy settings are correct.  Then go ahead and close the preferences dialog
  3. Open the Smart data streaming Run-Test Perspective (Menu:  Window > Open Perspective > Other...)
  4. In the Streaming Run-Test Perspective, in the Server View,  click on the "New Server URL" tool, and enter the hostname and port for the streaming server  you will be connecting to. Note:  here you are entering the host name for the master node in your streaming cluster - this is typically not the same host as your HANA database.
  5. Return to Studio preferences, and go to the Smart Data Streaming preferences.  Set the Default Server URL to the streaming server you are connected to