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SAP Global Batch Traceability

Which RFC connections are needed?


Problem description:

It is not clear which RFC connections between the GBT system and an ERP system are needed. In addition it is not clear why several connections are needed.


Section “Define RFC Destinations in SAP GBT for SAP ERP” in the configuration guide/solution manager content shows three connections that have to be setup in the GBT system to connect to an ERP system:

  1. HTTP Connection to ABAP System of type H:
    This connection is used to enable the navigation from the GBT details screens (for example the batch details screen) to the source ERP system. It is optional.
  2. ABAP Connections of type 3 used with a technical user for the data transfer via RFC:
    This connection is used to transfer data created in ERP to the GBT system. Without this connection no data will be available in GBT.
  3. ABAP Connections of type 3 used to retrieve remote data, for example, to get the stock information from SAP ERP:
    The third connection is used to read additional information from the ERP systems. If you want to use reports like the stock information or other custom reports that need to read additional data from ERP please create this additional RFC connection.

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