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Static Pricing Analysis


For the pricing area the new static pricing analysis report PRC_STATIC_ANALYSIS is available.

The report  can be used for static analysis of pricing relevant documents:

  • Report for static analysis of pricing relevant documents
  • Runs on CRM as well as ERP
  • Single/Multi document analysis (e.g. via document type like CRM Sales Order):
    • Checks for utilization of pricing procedures, condition types, access sequences and condition tables
    • Makes suggestions on potential areas of improvement
    • Provides document statistics on item distribution as well as condition type utilization and suggests sample documents
    • Highlights utilization of group conditions and the distribution of the same
    • Checks for utilization of pricing exits (base formulas, value formulas, etc. )
  • Generic analysis:
    • For given time period the tool provides usage/non-usage of document types, pricing procedures, condition types and tables
    • Shows interrelations between above entities, e.g. which pricing procedures are related to which document types and in how many documents this combination is used
    • Document and item volume distribution and relation to pricing procedure

Please refer to the SAP note 1842881 "Static Pricing Analysis" for more details and how to use the report.

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