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Price Calculation Trace


If you want to analyze the pricing behaviour in a SAP CRM document (e.g. Sales Order), then you can check the condition/price determination via the pricing trace (also called pricing analysis). For that you must set the user parameter PRC_TRACE=X.

This trace shows only the result of the condition determination, i.e. which condition record was found by which attributes.

But pricing has also price calculation part and you do not have any information about that. How to check unexpected/wrong price calculation results?

With the new price calculation trace this kind of information are now shown to the user:

  • User Exits (formulas): which ones were processed and what was changed?
  • Currency and quantity conversions
  • Scales: selected condition rates, scale base formulas
  • Exclusions: how and why is a condition excluded

The new price calculation trace can be activated with the user parameter PRC_CALC_TRACE=X and is available for CRM SAP GUI and for CRM Web UI:

  • CRM SAP GUI: SAP_APĀ  700 SP17 onwards (SAP note 1520446)
  • CRM Web UI: CRM 7.0 EhP2 + SAP_AP 700 SP23 onwards (SAP note 1545713)
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