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SAP Lumira Live - September 2014 Edition

September 2014


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SAP Lumira® Desktop Version 1.18

One of the monumental updates in version 1.17 of SAP Lumira® software was the simplification of the user experience by unifying “Visualize” and “Compose” rooms across the desktop version of SAP Lumira, SAP Lumira Server technology, and the SAP Lumira Cloud platform. Version 1.18 continues to deliver incremental updates to close the gap. Here is a summary of key highlights in SAP Lumira 1.18:

  • Easy re-ordering of visualization
  • Support for SAP® BusinessObjects™ Business Intelligence Suite, version 4.1, support pack 4
  • SAP HANA® Cloud Integration technology
  • Story viewing on Windows 8.1 tablet browser

For more information and the full details on the latest SAP Lumira update, read here.

SAP Lumira and Esri Integration: For years, mapping tech superpower Esri has partnered with SAP and our business intelligence solutions to offer innovations for geo-spatial solutions (including Galigeo, Integoe, and Centigon). These many geo-spatial analytic solutions have been delivering geo-based valued insight to many organizations. Now the integration of Esri content includes solutions in the SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence suite, such as SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio, SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards software, SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence software, SAP Lumira, and SAP Crystal Reports software. To learn more about the integration with Esri and SAP Lumira, read this article.


  • Connecting SAP Lumira with MongoDB: Following SAP’s recent partnership with MongoDB, a new blog focuses on one of two ways SAP Lumira software can connect with MongoDB using OData. This blog guides you through how SAP Lumira fetches and processes data from an OData feed while doing the same for visualization. Part two offers another method to consume MongoDB collections into SAP Lumira.
  • Integrating SAP Lumira and Esri Mapping to Deliver Local Intelligence:SAP’s partnership with Esri has enabled integration of their AecGIS online service within SAP Lumira, allowing users to plot data on a street level, similar to Google Maps. Inspired by Dr. John Snow’s method of data visualization to remove the source of a deadly cholera outbreak, this blog walks you through a recreation of his plan of action in 1854.
  • How to Use Esri Maps in SAP Lumira: This walkthrough highlights the advantages of Esri integration within SAP Lumira in discovering geo-business data patterns. Intuitive mapping and analytical tools offer seamless sharing capabilities to publish on SAP Lumira Server technology and the SAP Lumira Cloud platform to increase collaboration and input.
  • Top SAP Lumira Tutorials: This page features a quick overview of the end-to-end process flow for SAP Lumira and highlights top tutorials separated by category


SAP Lumira and Shark Week
Last month was the popular Shark Week on the Discovery Channel. This program is the longest-running cable television programming event in history and was created to raise awareness and respect for sharks. The data viz team wanted to join in the shark fun and use SAP Lumira software to raise awareness for these wonderful creatures of the sea.

The Cause and Effect of an Increase in Motor Vehicle Accidents
After becoming an owner of a two-wheel vehicle, Vamsi found renewed interest in the causes and effects of increasing numbers of motor vehicles in India. By visualizing data representing gas emissions and road accidents, this blog offers the reader a clearer understanding of possible solutions to combat these issues.

Can You Reduce the Risk of Cancer by Changing Habits?
Correlations between smoking, obesity, and eating habits are prominent within breast cancer diagnoses. Through the use of SAP Lumira’s predictive analysis functionality, data on females in the United States aged 16–64 is visualized in order to better understand the complexities of cancer diagnosis in terms of geography, percentage of incidents by state, ailments, nutrition, and even insurance coverage.

Analyzing Workforce Distribution Report with SAP Lumira
Highlighting the power SAP Lumira offers, this blog tackles seemingly complex data and re-forms it into easily understandable reports, charts, and infographics. SAP employee data – ranging from salary, status level, and appraisal ratings – can be easily transformed into quickly understandable visualizations ideal for all levels of management.


September 22-24: SAP Lumira Sessions at ASUG BOUC - Fort Worth, TX

October 20-24: SAP TechEd && d-code - Las Vegas, NV


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    • SAP Lumira Webinar Series: This series lets SAP customers, partners, and evangelists know what’s available now, what’s coming up, and how SAP Lumira is being used to gain insights and drive decisions with large and complex datasets. Register here


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