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How to assign List/Gallery Report view to custom Work Centre


1. Assign a stable anchor to the work center view to which you want your report to be assigned. For this open your Workcenter View (on this example is “Contract”) in the UI designer and define a new anchor on the floorplan.

2. Add the List and Gallery standard reports list views to your work center. These views list all reports that are assigned to the views of the work center. Open your work center in the UI designer.  Add a new view to the work center by maintaining the view switch collection. Name the new view Report.

3. Add two subviews to the Report view by selecting the Subview switch.

4. Select the ana_reports_view_wc for subview one, and drag & drop it onto the subview.

5. Select the ana_reports_carousel_view and drag and drop it to the second subview.

6. Save and activate the workcenter.

7. Adjust when necessary the names of the view and the subviews to the following:

Perform the assignment of the report in the runtime


1. Logon to the runtime with the development user and open the Design Reports view in the Business Analytics work center. Select your newly created report. Assignment to any work center view will not be possible with the development user.

2. Log off.

3. Log on with the BC key user (which does have the Business Analytics workcenter assigned but has NOT assigned the Partner Development workcenter). Start also the Design Reports view in the Business Analytics workcenter and select the newly created report. Press the Assign button. REMARK: this activity is not part of the Solution and won’t be delivered. The assignment has to be done again in the productive tenant by the analytics key user.

4. Select your work center view and assign the report to it. Press Save and then Close.

5. Log off and log on with the business user for testing. Check that the report is visible in the List or Carousel views of your workcenter. Test also the report.

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