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Whitepaper - SAP HANA Performance


SAP HANA enables organizations to optimize their business operations by analyzing large amounts of data in real time. HANA runs on inexpensive, commodity hardware and requires no proprietary add-on components. It achieves very high performance without requiring any tuning.

A 100TB performance test was developed to demonstrate that HANA is extremely efficient and scalable and can very simply deliver break-through analytic performance for real-time business intelligence (BI) on a very large database that is representative of the data that businesses use to analyze their operations.  A 100T #_ftn1data set was generated in a format as would be extracted from an SAP ERP system (e.g., data records with multiple fields) for analysis in an SAP NetWeaver BW system#_ftn2

This paper will describe the test environment and present and analyze the test results.

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